July 10, 2022

11 Serious questions you must ask that lady before marriage.



Marriage is not a joke! Who you marry determines how your life eventually turns out.  Your rising or crashing in life is determined the day you walk down the aisle with that woman so you can't afford to pick another man's bone. Here are the questions you must ask to see if your marital destiny is going towards the same direction.

1. WHAT IS HER VISION? Your wife must help you fulfil your vision that is why she is called a help-meet. If her dream is to become an international super nude model while your dream is to become a local full time Pastor, you will to do well to end the relationship!

2. IS SHE REALLY BORN AGAIN? Forget about religion. I'm talking about Christ-like behaviour, attitude and character. Some ladies can tie dress modestly, yet the poison in them is deadlier than the serpent's! If her character does not tally with that of a true child of God, you need to do a re-think!

3. IS SHE A VIRGIN OR NOT? You should find out to know what to expect on the wedding night and how to prepare for it.

4. DOES SHE HAVE AN EX? And what led to the break up so she won't repeat the same mistake in your relationship. If she still keeps a close relationship with her EX, she needs to choose between you and him. No rivalry is allowed in any relationship that will last.

5. HAS SHE BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED/ ASSAULTED/RAPED? Abused women have complicated emotions and relationships. They suffer unexplainable mood swings, depression, paranoia and in extreme cases psychosis and neurosis. They seriously have anger and trust issues. You need to find out so you can know how to relate with her in marriage. Better still, she needs to go for therapy before marriage.

6. DOES SHE HAVE A CHILD IN HER PAST? You must accept her child as your own now that you are getting married to her. If you can't and she insists her child must live with her in marriage, you don't belong together. End the relationship!

7. WHAT DOES MARRIAGE MEAN TO HER? Real marriage means companionship, deep sharing and friendship. If all she wants to do is have sex, cook and bear your children, she is not ready for marriage, both of you should go for counseling.

8. WHAT DOES SUBMISSION TO A HUSBAND MEANS TO HER? A wife must submit to her husband as the head in marriage. That is what the Holy Book says. If she is a feminist and you hate feminism with passionate hatred, you don't belong together, end the relationship!

9. DOES SHE BELIEVE IN WORKING AFTER MARRIAGE OR SHE WANTS TO BE A FULL TIME HOUSE WIFE? Iron this out so you won't be shocked if she resigned from her job after her first pregnancy and refuse to do anything else aside cooking and bearing children.

10. WILL ANY OF HER FAMILY MEMBERS BE LIVING WITH YOU AFTER MARRIAGE? Talk. Find out if you can cope with her siblings or parents living with you immediately after wedding. If you honestly can't, talk about it!

11. WHAT IS HER VIEW ABOUT MONEY? Some women believe money is meant to be spent while some believed it is to be saved. A lot of others believe in accumulating liabilities. Though the right way to handle money is earn, save, invest and give. Spending should follow budget. What is your own way of handling money? Make sure your view on money tallies lest you end up in the divorce court few years after marriage.

These and more are the serious questions you should ask your partner before saying "I DO". Amos 3:3 is a proof of God's will. 

If you claim you heard God and both of you are not ending the same direction, you need to pray again. God's will is not an excuse to walk in foolishness.

Yes, you must marry God's will for your life and your God's will must give you peace. If you are scared, troubled and your relationship is going no where to happen, end it before it ends you. 

May the Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading. God bless you.

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