May 18, 2020

[Must read] Why you don't need to chase money.

Solve problems and you will get rich. 

How to be rich in one month

Can I suggest to you that you were created to solve a Problem?
Firstly let’s define a problem. “Problem is a difficulty that has to be resolved or dealt with”. It could be Economical, Technological, Biological, Geographical, Evangelical, Ministerial problem etc.
You were born to solve a problem and you are God’s response to a need that he created. In other words you are the answer to a question God knew they would ask in your generation. Everyone came to earth to manage a problem, to solve a problem for humanity. You exist because you are the fulfillment of one of God’s desires, you are the assignment on your generation. Your teacher, Lecturer, pastor, ministers, were born to solve a problem in the world so were you. They are not better than you, they’re not superior, they just found their problem and their job is to help you find your problem.

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You were not born to pay a living pay bills and die, you were born to actually solve a problem on earth. You get paid by the problem you solve. In life you don’t work only for money, you work for solutions and then people pay you for solutions you provide. Once you find a problem, you’ve found wealth.

The truth is that if you don’t solve that problem, the problem still exist, the grave yard is filled with people who never solved the problem they were brought to this earth to solve. You become valuable based on the problems you solve, Moses is a perfect example of a problem solver, same with other great people in the bible. For example Moses solved the problem of slavery, David solved the problem of Goliath. It is sometimes it is not necessary to ask God to every Goliath you meet, don’t ask God for deliverance from your success. When the problem shows up don’t ask God to move it. The problem shows up to introduce you to yourself. If there was no Goliath there will be no King David, that giant was a ticket to his greatness. Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory quoted “Don’t fight it, Kill it”, stop trying to run away from the key to your greatness.
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The problems you are going to find this week has been sent to give you value. David was not important until he killed Goliath. Your values (Money or Pay) goes up when the problems are solved.  So when you go back to your Job and you meet difficulties don’t run away from them embrace them.

By the way you are never remembered for the things you avoided, you are remembered for the things you survived.
Joseph solved the problem of dream; pharaoh had an economy crisis, who solved it? Joseph. He was a prisoner, sometimes, the problems are in in prisons (Hard times) and when you solve it, you grow from a prisoner to a prince. It is the solution that makes you valuable not the location.
I so much recount on this statement, “Don’t look for money, money follows solutions”.

Why do you think Bill Gates is so rich? Let me digress a little on how Bill Gates solved a problem that made him wealthy.
Bill Gates worked for IBM (International Business Machine) when they used to do DOS (Disk Operating System) then Bill Gates developed Microsoft in IBM, took it to the board but the board rejected it. Bill Gates never got discouraged, he resigned from IBM, went to his garage and built a computer with the software. Now every IBM computers now has his software installed in it. What did he do? He solved a problem.

Daniel in the Bible solved a problem of Administration in Babylon, Esther solved the problem of genocide. I wonder if there is a young person now who is being destroyed by sex, prostitution, drugs, and cybercrime and there is a young woman who is supposed to save them. Maybe your greatness is in the problem in your neighborhood, but we are so busy trying to pay light bills, water bills, we walk pass the problems every day that is supposed to Make us great. If you want to be great, look for problems.

Jesus solved the problem of sin. He solved the most important problem on earth, sin and death that is why he is so famous. You follow him because you are scared of death.

I have been so scared of what’s happening in our society, where we are so dependent on Government to meet our needs, that we become helpless when the Government cannot. What we have actually created is that the Government is now the economy parent of the citizen, to the point that we don’t think anymore, we just want to be slave to a Government machinery called “Employment”. And so most of the government politicians run their political programs promising you employment.
God never gave Adam a job, secondly he never gave Adam anything, he put everything in the things around him. God never gave Adam chair, and I’m sure he was bothered to sit down sometime. God never gave him a bed, a table because he hid them in the trees.

You see “Employment” prevents you from seeing the table in the tree, that is why most of us in our post-colonial countries, we always struggle with poverty and Employment. And depending on external investors we have been conditioned not to see the table in the tree we rather buy the table from Miami rather than making it from the tree. You were born with a gift to solve a problem, when the problem meets the gift wealth is the result. Spend the next three weeks sit down and think about what I am talking about here, you can’t spend the remaining of the year staggering, wandering through life, trying to figure out where you should retire, because you have one year about to leave you again.

Let me tell you something, you have to stop thinking beyond getting a Job, start thinking of what is your gift, strength, uniqueness, what do you have that you can give the world?

Be a business, because business is born when a solution to a problem is discovered.

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