June 22, 2020

[Must Read] Depression the next world pandemic

Read why Depression can be the next pandemic.

Symptoms of depression
It is becoming more common in our days, whereby we find more people suffering from depression. Do you know that sometimes its people that are ignorant that even make other people depressed. Every time you gossip about someone, you are harming that person, every time you speak evil about someone even every time you break someone’s heart, so even if you are not the one depressed, you can be the cause of someone dealing with depression.

Here in this article we are looking at how we can use our relationship with God and deal with it. Though there are probably some medical ways to deal with it but that is not the case now.


DEPRESSION is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection. Usually which last for a long period of time.

DEPRESSION is a serious medical illness that negatively affect how you feel, the way you think and how you act.

DEPRESSION is a state of feeling unhappy and without for the future.
So as human being we all have sessions when we are sad, that necessarily don’t mean that anytime we are sad, we are depressed.

Most of us in our mind, when we talk about depression, we are thinking of people that are really going through a tough time, and to be frank with you, that is the major cause of it, a lot of people depressed are going through a tough time. But depression is not centered to those category of people only, any kind of person can be depressed. 

There are people that are well to do and rich but are very depressed. Statistically, countries that are well to do also have a very high suicidal rate, so don’t fall to the idea that somebody going through a difficult time is the only one depressed no! Anybody can be depressed, plagued, attacked by depression.
We will look at three examples of famous and wealthy people who were attacked by depression.
Like Anthony Bourdain, he is a very popular man, he used to run a CNN show, he is an international chef, he travels on air with premium class all around the world just to taste the food of other chefs. His net worth was about $16 million dollars (57 billion Naira). But about June 8th 2018, Bourdain was found dead by an apparent suicide by hanging.

 Do you know the kind of depression you would have gone through to the extent of committing suicide?

It is said that out of 10 people that commit suicide in USA, 7 of them are Americans, black people don’t like to kill themselves. Statistics reveal that in every 40 seconds, someone in the world commits suicide. 

In America for instance suicide have grown to about 25%. In America 44,965 people die by suicide yearly, 123 die per day and the common age range that people die is from 45 and 54, because they hit what they call midlife crisis, they enter a stage where they begin to think about their life, asking some pessimistic question such as, what am I doing with my life?, have I achieved anything?, this series of questions begin to lay some heaviness in them thereby causing depression.

There is a spirit of heaviness that come on people around that middle age, because its prolyl done to you, that you are in the second half of your life.

It has been found also that men are three times more likely to commit suicide more than women, this is very understandable because men bottle up emotions more, women are expressive, they cry a lot, talk a lot and they do a lot of things that ease tension a lot. Men don’t talk, men can be going through stuffs, bound in sin, bound in negative habit, bound in depression and never tell anybody. Men loose hope faster than women, women are naturally are fantasized. 


Disappointment – Disappointment in self (caused by self-pride because you think you are above mistake), disappointment in people, disappointment in God.

Temperament - In some cases this has been one of the causes of Depression. It is most common to the Melancholies.

Loss of loved one - This is another high causes of depression, especially losing a spouse, many people have prey of this cause for depression.

Financial issues – caused by economic crisis, maybe you use to have money then got bankrupt or have a business, which got burnt down by a fire outbreak, also some people can’t withstand debt, they can be so disturbed when they owe you and don’t have the money to pay back.

Over dependent on statement – that is taking alcohol, drugs etc., that is why I have never seen a Christian drunk making impact, winning soul for God, you can’t maintain those two lives. 
You can’t see a professional footballer who still is a professional table tennis player that is he want to partake in the both in the world cup. Literally what this means is that you can’t be a Christian and still be a partaker in the things of the world. You won’t be anything in the both of them and those are the most useless people.

Pressure to live up to people’s expectation – This can cause depression. Do you know a lot of things that make you angry is because of what society is saying and doing? For instance marriage, nobody gave the appropriate age for marriage, its society, so when you live a certain age and you are not married, you begin to get pressure. When you have the intention to be perfect for everybody you begin to get depressed.

Comparison – The reason some people can be depressed is because they are comparing themselves to other people’s life. In this life there people that will always be better than you in somethings, don’t say this person is finer, can sing or has more assets and accessories, this is more common to women.


TIREDNESS – If you are always tired, you are likely to be depressed, whether you did some major or minor work or not yet you are tired, infect when you get up from sleep in the morning you tired, because the anxiety didn’t let you rest even while you were asleep. If you check more of the things you say mostly comprises of the sentence “I’m tired”.

EXCESSIVE ANGER: That means small things provoke you more than they should. Moses had this issue in the Bible.

HATRED – When you are dealing with depression you hate people, because you don’t like the fact they are happy with their life, so you hate them.  Most times you see them on social media. They are the ones that come to troll people, even when you say the right thing.

SUICIDAL THOUGHT AND SUICIDAL BEHAVIOUR – These is another major symptoms of depression. You get depressed that death seem more attractive to you more than anything. Or even if you are not directly committing suicide but you are living a reckless way that will destroy your life.

LACK OF INTEREST IN THINGS YOU ARE NORMALLY INTERESTED IN – You lose interest in your family, kids, spouse, country, job, church.

TURNING TO STIMULANTS – When you drink, smoke drug too much, even if it is a cause, it can also be symptom.

Depression is not just a physical thing, it can start with a physical thing but it leads to what the bible calls the spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61:3). In my next article I will be talking about the cure for depression.

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