October 15, 2019

[Must read] 7 Things God hates and cannot Tolerate

Read to know things God hate and cannot tolerate.

There many things which God hates or tolerate in this life we are in. we can see same in the Old Testament, in the Ten Commandments, in the New Testament and so on.

But in this article I want to point out the things God hates and cannot tolerate, its actually opined by Solomon the Son of David and also the wisest man in the Bible.
These things pointed out in this article doesn’t mean God tolerate other wrong doings. We have nothing like Big Sin and Small Sin, all sin has same judgement which is Hell Fire if there is no repentance. 

The book of 1Corinthians 6:9-10 pointed out so many other sins and bad things people do and are abomination in the sight of God.
From my research I discovered that fornication has been one of the most mentioned sin in the Bible and so many people have been so involved in this evil act, see the article about FORNICATION HERE.

Without so much digression let’s talk about these seven things God hates and don’t tolerate; it’s gotten from the book of Proverbs 6:16-19.

1. A proud look – Being proud is an abominable behavior in the sight of God. This same proud look made God chase Lucifer (Satan) out of Heaven down to Earth. Being proud is like a way of belittling God, and God hates it.

2. A Lying tongue: In the write-up above I stated that Fornication is one of the most mentioned Sin in the Bible. Lying is like is like a Poo poured in a food in the sight of God. God hates liars, when you lie you have committed so many Sin, its either you disobeyed and then lie to defend yourself just as Adam and Eve did to themselves and God had to chase them out of the Garden of Eden. This is the rate at which God hates lies.

3. A mind that thinks up wicked plans: God is not happy with anyone who always think of evil things to do, whether be it, evil business, immoral acts, and plan to steal etc.  God can destroy such personality if there is no repentance, just as he did to Ananias and his wife.

4. Feet that hurry off to do evil

5. A witness who tells one after another – there are so many false witness these days and laying false witness leads to other dangers on the innocent person being accused. People are now being possessed by evil spirit to lay false accusation on people, this false witness may receive reward which is deceitful and God hates such act.

6. Someone who stirs up trouble among friends.

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