August 09, 2019

5 Old Testament Commandments that doesn’t matter now.

5 Old Testament commandments that won’t take you to heaven.

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In this article I will be unveiling offences regarded as sin in that old testament and also being used by some orthodox and Pentecostal churches as sin.

After Jesus died on the cross, he made us know that he has abolished those man-made laws which were in existence during the time of Abraham, Noah, Moses e.t.c. his death on the cross made those sins not to be regarded, and that is the reason we are alive today. In those days when a man is caught committing adultery he is sanctioned to be stoned to strip naked and stoned to death. You see now, Jesus has granted us grace, which the only remedy is given to us as Christians, but many Christians now misuse this grace given to us. We now commit various sins having it in mind that we will come and ask for forgiveness, and mercy will be given unto us.

Anyways that is not the main purpose of this article. I want to discuss on something’s which cannot be regarded as sin in this new age (After Christ).
I will be picking my points from the book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. You might be wondering why should I be discussing on such Topic “am I God?”. Please have it in mind , that I am not opposing the law of God.

Apparently I got my inspiration to this article with the Way most fellow Christians do poke nose into matters that are of the flesh or matters that has risen because of change in Evolution of mankind. You will get to understand what I am trying to insinuate from the points below.
The following commandments were given to Moses by God to deliver it to the Israelites.

  • 1.       Don’t cross Breed domestic animals: these following points are from the book of Leviticus 20:19. Now from the English dictionary, cross breed can be defined as “to produce an organism by the mating of individuals of different breeds, varieties, or species.

Today, about a large percentage of people do engage in these activity of that is being rejected by God in the old testament. Now mere looking at this commandment does it mean that all those engaged in such will go to hell?. Personally speaking, I love Dog, a times I prefer getting a crossbreed Dog as pet because its cheaper.

  • 2.       Do not plant two kinds of seed in the same field Leviticus 20:19b. God also gave this command to the Israelites, even our general overseers today have farms where they plant without regarding it as sin. But still overlook this command and instead refer other commands in this same chapter and verse as sin.

  • 3.       Do not wear clothes made of two kinds of material (Leviticus 20:19c). why won’t our churches preach of this command since it wants to talk about much sins that won’t determine your going to heaven. Imagine if our churches have done that, you can’t wear Jeans and shirt. Instead you wear jeans both top and trouser.

  • 4.       Do not cut the hair on the sides of your head or trim your beard (Leviticus 20:27). Specifically this is what emanated me in writing this article. On many occasions my parent, church members approach me, pressurizing me to cut my beards, reason  being that it doesn’t look good in the site of God, or it is not the church pattern.  The portion above indicates that we should not cut our beards or the hairs on our head, even Jesus did not did not talk about beard during his era.

           There are also few questions I normally ask myself about this matter.

o   The hairs growing out of my face aren’t they natural?
o   Does Jesus have bald face and head?
o   Will all Christians with facial hairs go to hell?
o   Does Jesus regard beards as sin?
Many event I seen church members obeying the physical instruction given to them by their pastors without obeying the main scriptural command meets Jesus gave before he died, such as fornication, malice, lying, gossip etc. In my own intuition beards has nothing to do with the kingdom of God with the kingdom of God, we should focus more on the lifestyle of Jesus. Jesus Christ never mentioned beard in the Bible.

  • 5.       Eat and do not eat the following animals (Leviticus 14:3-21) when you also read from the bible passage Leviticus 14:3-21, you will find out, we have been committing sin by eating some kinds of animals, if we have regarded them as sin.

      In conclusion, I will advice that we should follow the instructions Jesus gave us in the Bible. Man has formulated so many sin which are not regarded as sin by God. And this has been causing limitations in our spiritual, social and financial life. In a situation where a human will tend to look tattered because your leader in the church says you should not out on some certain clothes or shave all your beard, then look like a monk, as a criteria for making heaven, that is a lie. Read your Bible, make research in order not to be deceived.

Please if you have any objection or contribution, do well to use the comment box.

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