October 17, 2019

10 Mysterious Prayers to cut off Spirit Husband and Wife.

Prayers to cut off Spirit Husband and Wife.

prayers against spiritual husband and wife

It looks strange to see yourself being messed up in the dream by a Known or unknown man or woman in the dream. Though many people are ignorant of this encounter when they experience it.

It is necessary to let us know that those men and women, you have sexual encounter with are demons. Their objective is to destroy people’s destiny, marital life, career etc. most of these spiritual Husbands and Wives hinder you from getting married or cause infertility and cause problems in the home. That is why the below prayers has been provided to break this evil covenants and spiritual relationship. Pray them with seriousness and determination.

  1.      Psalm 57: 1; Abba Father be merciful upon me for my involvement in unholy relationships in times past that had opened the door for spirit spouse (seducing unclean spirit).
  2.     John 14:14; In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I break and destroy every yoke and bondage of spirit spouse now by thunder.
  3.      Vs 14; I break your connection and bond from my life; loose me now by fire.
  4.      Vs 14; You spirit spouse, I am not betrothed to you, I am betrothed to the blood of Jesus. Therefore, I reject, denounce, divorce and break free from you now by fire, In Jesus name.
  5.      Deut 4:24; O lord, let your consuming fire devour every file, document, picture, gadget and other materials bearing our names as husbands and wife in Jesus name.
  6.         Exodus 8:23; With your fire, put a permanent division between one and any spirit spouse (familiar, unclean, seducing spirit)   
  7.     .    Rev 12: 11; By the blood of Jesus, I break any marriage that is existing anywhere in the three realms between and spirit spouse in the name of Jesus.
  8.      Matt 7:7; My father!! My Father!! Every spiritual marriage agent mandated to waste my marital destiny surrender now and die in Jesus name.
  9.     Any blood covenant with spirit husband and wife preventing me from physical marriage, break and scatter now in Jesus name.
  10.     Henceforth lord, restore my true and divine spouse, children, properties and finances now in Jesus name.

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