September 18, 2019

[News] Kanye west embraces Jesus Christ, Watch his Sunday Services.

Kanye west is now a pastor, watch his Sunday services.

Kanye west is now a pastor

Hip hop and RnB star Kanye west gives a surprise to his fans all over the world with his recent moves towards religion. 

Kanye west, has for long received critics about his lifestyle, pertaining to the dark, but Kanye west has proved a clear manifestation of his life. 

Kenye west is now a Pastor, just as popular Pop star Justin beiber thrilled his fans also on accepting Jesus Christ.

Earlier this year, Kanye brought his Sunday Service to Dayton, Ohio. He also brought to Coachella 2019 with a performance atop “The Mountain,” a hillside at the Coachella campsite. During the Coachella set, he performed a new song called “Water,” which appears on the Jesus Is King tracklist.

Kanye west is a pastor

Gospel artist Frank Edwards has appreciated God on his Instagram handle on this note......

"even though some will say “he doesn’t mean it , he this , he that” Keep Judging till Christ comes then you will know the place of people who Judge others.. THANK GOD FOR THIS MAN ABEG! Remember: the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.. if you are already standing Stand Strong!! Because Judging might send you where you don’t wanna go! God might have allowed him to have influence on millions of people before this time, so that when this happens He will pull them over just by making this decision.

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