September 18, 2019

[Music] Download Cobhams Asuquo - More than pretty (Free)

Free download Cobhams Asuquo - More than pretty.

Cobhams Asuquo more than pretty
Comhams Asuquo releases a beautiful single tagged "More than pretty".

Cobhams in this new single relates to the beauty of a woman, her worth and how a woman should see her self.

"There is no denying that a woman is a beautiful creature on the outside. But then there is more importantly, her internal beauty; her quiet strength, her resilience, her intelligence and intuition, her capacity and natural instinct to care for, nurture and protect that which she loves. Internal beauty remains long after physical beauty fades away.

So if this is true, why are we socialized to place more import on the external attributes of beauty, than on the internal?

Our socialization causes us to take serious issues that affect women, such as domestic violence, rape, the pits and falls of dating, with levity. We teach women that silence and prayer are their only recourse when oppressed, and shame is the punishment for any who dare speak out.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Dear woman, Your worth is more than your looks, more than landing a man. Above all else, you are a person; a human being first and foremost, with a store of talent, hopes and dreams, valid feelings and desires, and you deserve to be acknowledged and treated with respect on your own merit.

You are beautiful no matter your external appearance. You are talented. You are stronger than you think.

You do deserve to be loved just as you are. You Are Worthy. You Are More Than Pretty.

Download and listen below:

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