September 23, 2019

7 untold facts about T.D Jakes. You won't believe no. 5

7 Untold Facts about T.D Jakes.

TD jakes

1. His full name is Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr.; born June 9, 1957.

2.T.D Jakes mother Odith was an Economics teacher, the father, Ernest is an entrepreneur, he started a cleaning business, where he employed 42 staffs who did the cleaning in the area of charlseton from the west Virginia capital.

3. Jakes was a drama as he was always seen preaching to an imaginary congregation with his Bible. That’s Destiny speaking.
Jakes met his wife serita Ann Jamison in the Chemical plant where he worked 1981 during his youthful age.

4. Jakes dropped out of School (West Virginia State University) so that he could preach the gospel full time.

5. He became a full – time ordained pastor at the age of 23 in 1980 by Sherman Wat.

6. Jakes later continued his university education and obtained a B.A and M.A and a Doctor of ministry in Religious studies.

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