September 23, 2019

6 Hidden facts about Frank Edwards you don't know, No. 4 will shock you.

Facts about Frank Edwards you need to know.

About frank edwards

1. Frank Edwads started singing at the age of 10; he learned to play piano from his father at this young age.

2. Frank Edwards first dream was to be a Pilot but he was inspired by the way Pastor Chris Oyakhilome worships, so he decided to choose music as his career.

3. Frank first record label was LoveWorld Records where he shared stage with big gospel artists such as, Joe Praize, Samsong e.t.c.

4. Because of Frank Edwards reputable skill in playing keyboard, Pastor Chris took him as his personal keyboardist.

5. Frank Edwards relationship life has always been the talk of the day by his fans, its good to know the artist once was in a relationship with one Chisom, a Nigerian teenager who was studying in the United states. They both broke up in 2012, reasons not disclosed. Currently he is not in a relationship.

6. Frank Edwards favorite quote is “You can copy the race pattern, but you cannot copy the grace code. It’s unique to everyone”

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