July 05, 2019

I never realized how big I really was! - Osby berry

Osby Berry shows happiness as he gains a normal body size.

Osby berry
Nigeria, United state based gospel artist Osby Berry, shows much joy and excitement after the successful surgery on his body weight. Seeing the result of the surgery he went ahead stating the figures of Now and before, including two images of him. See photo below:
In my last post about the artist, i shared a post, showing the gospel artist in the theater, thank God it was a successful one. See more photos of him before the surgery.

"I never realized how big I really was! Since this VSG journey has started, I have had to come to the realization of a lot of choices I made that led me to the person I was on the left side. The person on the right has a newer appreciation for life and choosing to do better not just for myself, but for my friends and family who have been such a great support on this weight loss path. I truly thank God for this tool. I hope that my surgeon clears to workout today at my 1-month post op appointment because if so....🗣IT’S GOING DOWN!! Stats:

HW: 445
SW: 407
CW: 369
GW: 250 (for now lol!)

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