June 04, 2019

[News] Nigerian, U.S based gospel artist Osby berry embarks on a surgery

Us based Nigerian Gospel artist shares photo of him in the theater.

osby berry pictures
Osby Berry is a US-based worshipper whose ministry gained international attention when the video of him singing his version of the Hillsong Worship hit ’So Will I (100 Billion X) with ministry team Cross Worship went viral.

The worshipper on his Instagram handle uploaded a picture of him putting on surgery cap. He went on complaining on how he has wanted to loose weight. 

He has great joy in him now as the surgery was successful.

"I finally am taking control over my health and decided to have weight loss surgery yesterday. I should have done this sooner but I allowed myself as well as others to talk me out of it before. This time, I was determined to do it and I’m soooo glad I did. I’m a little sore right now but I’m doing well. If you can get a prayer through, please send one up for your boy. This is gonna be a life changing journey!! 

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  1. Osby you belong to God you voi e brings hope, joy in today's world.