September 09, 2017

Greater Evangelism World Crusade celebrates 45th Anniversary| See photos

 Brief history about the founder 
After the call of apostle Geoffery Dabibi Numbere 1944 – 2013 on 11th May 1969, God led him  from North to Rivers state (his home state), but to Kano in Northern Nigeria he sojourned for three years. While he was busy serving God and teaching in Technical Training College, Wudil, the lord told him something in 1972, to return to Rivers state within two days, he obeyed, resigned from his job, and return to Rivers State, which led to the Birth of Greater evangelism World Crusade. 
 Birth of the ministry
On Saturday, 9th September 1972 in the course of an All night prayer meeting in Port Harcourt with some young believers the ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade was born. Apostle Numbere had the name “Greater Evangelism World Crusade” repeated a number of times by the lord in his ears. He shared the message with his prayer partners and thereafter, the group adopted “Greater evangelism World Crusade” to be the name of the Ministry.
The motto of the Ministry
Some days after the Birth of the ministry God gave Apostle Numbere the motto: “To know Jesus and to make Jesus known” the first part of the motto is the earnest desire of every Christian (Ephesians 1:1-23; Philippians 3:8). The second part is the duty of every Christian in obeying the great commission by Jesus. (Mark 16:9-20; matt 28:5-10, 16-20).
Vision of the Ministry
The vision of the ministry was clear Greater Evangelism World Crusade was to have three phases in her mission; the ministry was to spread over Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world. The vision of the Emblem brought Numbere’s earlier vision of 3rd march 1970 into focus: That this was the platform for his operation. In the vision of the call, the has taken him up to three heavens. Right from the outset the work of the ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade was to be in three phases. PRAISE GOD!!
 Greater Evangelism World Crusade enjoys a solid divine foundation, even as she celebrates her 45th Anniversary on the 9th of September 2017, lets join in hands to celebrate with them.  The celebration will roundup tomorrow 10th September 2017.

See photos of program held from 7th September - 9th September 2017 in Portharcout.

International Director Pastor Isaac Olori
We hope to give you more update, as the program will roundup tomorrow.

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