September 09, 2017

[Must read] 28 Barriers to success

Gospel hints
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Success is a hallmark of an excellent life. As a child of God, it is redemptive our right to be successful in life. Our God is never a failure and will never be one. Being wealthy might not be the same as being successful. A lot of people believe that wealth is success; hence they do not understand the concept of success.

Success according to man could be; Accomplishment, Achievement of goals, fulfillment, fulfilling your potentials, Actualizing your dreams, etc.

What is true Success?
True success according to Joshua 1:8 is in total obedience to the word of God. As we earlier mentioned, true success true success cannot be measured according to human standard because if it can, why do we have people who enjoyed worldly fame and fortune and yet still commit suicide? They got to peak of their career; still they suffer depression and later suicide. Why? Their success did not come from then right source – God.

Barriers to success
1. A closed heaven (Deut. 28:23-24)
2. Godliness (John 15:14)
3. Bad  self-image (phil. 4:13)
4. Lack of creativity (prov. Job 23:8)
5. Laziness (prov. 22:29)
6. Despising small beginning (Zach 4:10)
7. Comfort in the tail departure (Deut. 28:13)
8. Bad time management (psalm 90:12)
9. Hatred of change (Gen. 32:26)
10. Ignorance (2cor. 2:11)
11. Having no plan (Luke 14:31)
12. Talkativeness (Eccl. 5:2)
13. Disorderliness (Isa. 28:11)
14. Incomplete deliverance (Jer. 8:11)
15. Falsehood (prov. 19:5)
16. Failure to learn from mistakes and failures (Jer. 2:30)
17. Giving in to worry, anxiety and fear (Jer. 3:25)
18. Lack of motivation (1sam. 30:6)
19. Lack of diligence (Eccl. 9:10)
20. Giving up easily (prov. 24:16)
21. Prayerlessness (Luke 18:1)
22. Bible illiteracy (Josh. 1:8)
23. Lack of vision (Prov. 29:18)
24. Psychological barriers (poor parental background, poor self-image, lack of incentives)
25. Environmental barriers (such as demoralizing environments, poor social amenities, and poor family backgrounds)
26. Spiritual barriers (curses, demonic attack)
27. Social barriers (illiteracy, influence of peers)
28. Financial barriers (lack, hardship, poverty)

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