July 09, 2022

23 Facts you need to know about Apostle Joshua Selman.

 Facts you need to know about Apostle Joshua Selman, Number 10 will Surprise you.

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23 facts about Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak.

 1.Apostle Joshua Selman is the second of four children. 

2. He’s a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University where he studied chemical engineering.

3. He is from Jos, Nigeria.

4. He gave his life to Christ at a very young age at one of his school’s fellowships.

5. He attended Benny Hinn school of ministry.

6. Apostle Joshua Selman has a very glaring and contagious love for God which he never tries to hide.

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7. He believes very much in intimacy with God and always says that everything believers do should be from the strength of their secret place with God.

8. Apostle Joshua Selman lives a modest lifestyle. Most of the events in his life are private and unannounced. He is more interested in focusing on God, his goals and making impact than he is about publicizing these things.

9. Apostle Joshua Selman is said to have been a giver since he was little. When he was in a boarding school, everytime he was given his allowance to take back to school, he would share more than half of it amongst his siblings, and take whatever was left to school. Little wonder his life today is one that keeps giving.

10. Contrary to what you may have believed, he doesn’t eat only spiritual food. He eats physical food too. In fact, he loves ice cream and is vocal about it.

11. Growing up, Apostle Joshua Selman had always known he was a different child. His mum has been heard saying many times that when other children went out to play or visit friends, young Selman would be in a small room behind his father’s house reading the Bible and praying for hours.

12. Apostle Joshua Selman once shared that when he was in secondary school, he was made the time prefect in JSS2 and had the responsibility of waking up early. He said in those days, the Holy Spirit would wake him up at about 5am every morning so he could fulfil his duty and ring the bell. 

13. He is an amazing singer. Apostle Joshua Selman is not just a teacher. He is a great singer too. One of the things that many people have said they love about him is his voice when he sings. Many times, while preaching, he uses songs to buttress the message and that singular act ministers to many.

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14. Apostle Joshua Selman is an ardent believer of balance and moderacy. He is not extreme on anything. He believes that school of thoughts and beliefs should be balanced and not bias or extreme.

15. Apostle Selman is an ardent believer of process, preparation and seasons. He believes that men are made in their times of refining and process and this preparation is indispensable for sustainable success.

16. Apostle Selman is very humble and this is the testimony of everyone who has met him. Regardless of his obvious results and feats, he remains broken before God and meek before men. He is never seen struggling for the spotlight.

17. Apostle Selman is a sincere and deep lover of people. His actions towards and for people always shows his compassion and love for them.

18. Apostle Joshua Selman loves and is very passionate about the Body of Christ. He believes in oneness in the body and that we exist to complement each other.

19. Apostle Selman loves children and always makes them feel noticed and special. Just like our Lord Jesus did, he welcomes children into his bossom at all times

20. Apostle Joshua Selman is passionate about personal development and growth. He believes that people should never see graduation from any institution of any sort as a reason to stop learning. He believes in studying and reading wide and practices this in his own life by studying many books and learning from different platforms.

21. Apostle Joshua Selman has a very large library. Many times in his messages, he has said that he would gladly let go of any of his possessions but he’ll not be happy to let go of the books he possesses particularly the ones that carry his revelations from God.

22. Apostle Joshua Selman is nocturnal. He believes in using the night time to pray and study and he practices it. He has shared that most days, (when he is not ministering), he only gets to sleep at 5am.

23. Apostle is not just spiritual. He is Savvy and Streetwise. Try having a conversation with him on contemporary topics and you’d be amazed at how trendy, savvy and streetwise he his. Add his sense of humor to this and you have someone you’d spend hours with and lose track of time.

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