July 27, 2022

12 Common things that makes men Look outside in marriage. (Number 5 is important)


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1. Failing to dress well because you are now married: You dress around like an old woman with wrapper like chicken feathers? That's wrong. Be your husband temptation otherwise he will be tempted outside

2. You use to respect him/her during courtship but now you have seen him all, and you disrespect him as much as you can. That's wrong!

3. Being spiritual and leaving your spouse out if it: this is very dangerous. Carry your partner along in your spiritual pursuit otherwise you will be building and Satan will be using him/her to scatter.

4. Learning alone and leaving your partner out of it: I have written severally on this. Learn together. Make sure your partner knows a little of whatever you know otherwise you will be building and he will be scattering

5. Ceasing to be romantic again because you are now married: many people use romance just to get at their partner and once married, they let it go forgetting that romance is needed more in marriage than it is in relationship

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6. Loving your own family and leaving your spouse's family out of it. If you do this, you will bring problem to your marriage. Love the both families equally

7. Threatening to leave the Marriage over offences: this would greatly harm your marriage, cripple trust and love

8. Loving your spiritual leaders more than your spouse: don't love your spiritual leaders such as pastors and mentors more than your spouse. This is dangerous

9. Hiding secrets from your spouse: the truth will always come out someday and when it does at the wrong time, there would be issues. Marriage is togetherness. Let your partner be aware of things so that you two could see to it together

10. Failing to appreciate your spouse: appreciation is a powerful tool for marital bliss. on daily basis, appreciate your partner. Appreciate their body, their food, their sense of dress, their skills, their knowledge, etc.

Never wait for your partner to demand for an appreciation before it is given

11. Comparing your spouse with others: this is a very terrible thing to do. Love your partner for who he or she is

12. Recalling past and forgiven offence: once an offence is forgiven, please bury it. Recalling it would cause harm to the marriage.

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