January 12, 2020

[Must Read] The mystery about Hip hop Rapper Snoop dog Born again testimony and Gospel Album

Snoop Dog embraces Christ as he releases a Gospel Album

Snoop dog gospel album

Snoop Dog a former Rastafarian Hip hop rap artist who goes with the real name Calvin Broadus Jr., thrilled his fans all over the world as he denounced his filthy way of life to become a Born again Christian. Featuring this surprising declaration he also released his first Gospel album titled “Bible of Love”.

Snoop Dog first revealed some time ago during an interview that ‘he is working on a gospel album; I need to do it now”.

He also added “It’s always been on my heart, I just never got around to it because I will always be doing gangstar business and doing this and that. But I just feel like it’s been on my heart too long”.

As a norm for people, there have been so many critics about the religion switch and his decision to bring on a gospel album. About a decade ago (2009) he announced that he had join the Islamic religion, then later in 2012 he became a Rastafarian. Now the rapper claims to be a born again Christian.

Before now Snoop Dog have been posting some videos relating to Christian activities, as he once posted a video of him sing along to a gospel song “I’d rather have Jesus”.

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Myriads of his fans have been happy seeing him profess this his faith in God. One of Snoop dog’s fan posted “with the platform you have, imagine how many people you will reach with the gospel message of salvation! Come on now! Give our heavenly father glory through your rap skills snoop”.

Being confident enough the rapper responded to his critics to clear doubts at the 33rd Annual Stellar Awards held in Las Vegas. He said “The devil is a liar. I thought the church was supposed to welcome sinners”.
“If the church was full of saints it wouldn’t be right. So, if you find someone trying to find their way back home, the natural thing to do is to be warm welcoming, open your arms and say ‘Brother, we accept you for who you are and what you’re going through, come as you are, we know you’ve been doing wrong and you want to get right and we want to help you get right”.

Snoop Dog who had things to things to do with Guns and disrespecting women in his songs has really been changed by religion.
Because I was making music for me, speaking from my perspective”, he explained, “My music represented that until I got to the point where I wanted to show love and appreciation for the women”.

He added’ I used to answer hate with hate, like if you hate me, I hate you more. But now I answers hate with love”.

Now back to the Album “Bible of Love” by Snoop Dog, the Album consist of 32 songs featuring great Gospel artists such as Fred Hammond, The clark sisters, Pastor John P, Kee and Marvin Sapp.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned as we will make the Album available here.

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