October 24, 2019

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Gospel singer Ifeanyi Isreal || Read

Gospelcity Blog interviews Gospel singer "Ogeh Ifeanyi Isreal".

What is your full name?
Ogeh Ifeanyi Isreal

What is your Stage name?
Isreal(god is real)

Can you tell us your Date of birth?
23rd October.......

What part of Nigeria do your come from, Home town?
Uturu in Abia state

Are you married, what is your Marital status/children

How did your interest in music started:
At my early stage till date i have always being a habitual listener and singer to music.

How do you describe your music:
My music is derived from the wondrous works and his unchanging grace. So if am to describe my music i would say they are inspiritional, thankgiving and encouraging.

The Gospel music industry is a bit overcrowded how do you intend to set yourself apart:
I sings as i am directed by the holy spirit and making sure my songs are rich in the spiritual   aspect and not only making  it pleasant to ears.

Why gospel and not RnB or Soul music:
I decided to serve god for the rest of my life with my gift(singing) and i always have this in my mind that “praises is what god can’t give to himself “ though all lies by his grace.

Talk us through your first single “Nara Ekele”.
Waoooo…. “nara ekele” is a song that god realy deserves,  we urge not to stop praising this god because after he deserves your soul, your praises to him is next in line. So no matter the condition or circumstances be it good or bad we should glorify god not forgotten he has promised not to fail you  and he know the end of your life before creating your beginning.
Oh he deserves more praise than we have ever given.. So to get the track all you have to do is go on “ www.gospelcity.com.ng and type nara ekele youwill see the song don’t miss the hype!!!!!!!!

Who produces your song?
Sam Oboma

How did you team up with your producer “ Sam oboma”?
I was at the Canteen wiith a friend who was a video producer, then i asked if he knows any good producer because i wanted the best for my first single “nara ekele” and he said “yes!!!!!!” And he introduced me to Sam by playing his songs he produced for himself and they were fantastic so i decided to move with Sam and he has always being a good producer.
How many songs have you published so far? 
You know for now i still call myself an upcoming artist climbing to the peak. So for now just two(Nara Ekele and Papa), 2million yet to be released (lol) but will be published soon by God's grace.

What your favorite musical instrument?
I love playing the piano.

What has been your career highlight?
My career highlight was the launch of my single on the 11th of may that was truly a proud moment i am still digesting all of it.

What are you most afraid of?
I am afraid of deviating from the call and purpose i was called for.

Who would you most like to meet – dead or alive?
I have always wanted to meet Frank Edward for a reason but sorry can’t say it here is between i and myself lol. In all seriousness though in this time and season that’s  my response.

Can you describe yourself in three ways?
Human( i am a human just good and not perfect) productive( a productive human in heart and spirit ) a man after God’s heart( always praising god and seeking for his methology).

What do you have to say to your Fans?
I love everyone who listens to my songs, encourages me, pray for me. I will continue to bring up good songs. God bless you all thank you.

Thank you Ifeanyi Isreal for your corporation in this interview, we hope to have you some other time.
Thank you also for having me.

Below are contact details of "Ogeh Ifeanyi Isreal".

Watsapp: 09037803503
Facebook: Ogeh Ifeanyi Isreal
Instagram: @ogehifeanyiisreal.

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