August 30, 2019

Omg!! See Gospel singer Osby berry, Big sized Wife.

Gosepel singer Osby berry shares photos of his big sized wife.

 Gospel artist Osby berry took to Instagram as he uploads picture of his gigantic wife.

The gospel artist recently embarked on a weight loss surgery, which actually gave him a new body look. Fans react at this pictures.


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    1. I am in agreement with you. Very rude and uncalled for!

    2. And you call this a Christain publication???? This article is in bad taste!

  2. You're rude, insulting and disgusting for posting this type of content. You really should be ashamed to call yourself christian, while posting these sorts of descriptions about people. How does calling Osby's wife "big sized" and "gigantic" help the gospel to reach the world? Very disappointing.

  3. I totally agree with the previous comments...very rude!!!

  4. This is honestly so rude, I advise you to remove this condemning post immediately.