August 16, 2019

[News] Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & Pastor Benny Hinn and others host World Evangelism Conference 2019 –London

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 What a crowning glory of this 1st ever WEC with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & Pastor Benny Hinn and other Generals of God’s Kingdom such as Dr. Morris Cerullo and Evangelist David Hathaway. The presence of God was like liquid fire all over the place. 

Amos 3:7 says that God doesn’t do anything, except He first reveals it to His servants, the prophets. The Spirit of God revealed mighty things that are about to happen and Dr. Morris Cerullo declared that a spirit of breakthrough would come upon everyone, manifesting like a sudden burst of advanced knowledge. He further by the Spirit announced that the seeds have been sown, so the time for harvest is now. And when something is in God’s timing, you don’t have to struggle…

Pastor Benny hill
 Evangelist David Hathaway encouraged the audience with his powerful testimonies and it was deeply touching to see these great men of God together on stage united in love. Pastor Benny Hinn continued to teach on the wonderful person of the Holy Spirit and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome finalized the evening session with a continuation of his tremendous message on Christ in you. Besides many other highlights, we warmly congratulate Jeannine Zoe on her ministration of „I pour out my lovel“. 

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The WEC 2019 was the start of something new: It is now your time to step into your end-time destiny and expect the mightiest of God’s manifestations ever.
World Evangelism Conference

World evangelism Conference

 Soul winning has always been God’s number one priority. The Father would like to save every single soul and thus committed the good news of the gospel to our trust. As Jesus Christ’s return is approaching more and more, a historical event is taking place: Two of God’s greatest Generals, Pastor Chris Oaykhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn, are meeting in London for a programme that had never been organized before – the „World Evangelism Conference“. Pastors, Ministers and church members from over 170 nations are being trained and equipped for an even greater impact of evangelization around the globe 
 with us as we report.

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