October 18, 2019

[Must read] Modern Day Idols

What are Modern Day Idols?
Is heaven and hell real

When we talk about idol worship, many believe that this only relates to those that worship graven images or deities and false gods and therefore do not see themselves as idol worshippers.

In most cases we discriminate ourselves from people who serve inanimate gods, we tag them evil. The truth is that those people are more committed in serving those graven images they call their god. It is difficult for you to see an occult person miss the time he has to worship place, he is always present, dedicate all his attention to the worship, after the series of incantation and enchantment, there is time given for meditation after the prayer and request for blessings, they wait for response from their oracle or altar whatever.

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You see this is how believers in Christ need to adopt, we Christians don’t get it right in this area. We get distracted once its time to give God worship, the activities in our life which we have put before God has made us not to concentrate and devote time for God, we hardly discern when God wants to speak to us, and that is why we fall into temptations and problems.

In this article, I will be elaborating on the idol we serve unintentionally; these idols have kept us in captive unknowing to us.
The fact is that today’s idols have evolved so much that if you do not pay close attention, you will not recognize them and might fall prey unknowingly. If we can define what an idol is, it will help us to unmask them and recognize them for what they really are despite the disguise they might come in.

An idol is anything that takes the place of God in our lives and heart. It is anything that you crave for, want, enjoy and satisfied by or treasure more than God, those things that when you loose them you can get angry with God and begin to question God, sometimes you decide not to go to church because of the anger. Your job, your family, your money, your processions etc. can be elevated to the level of an idol. Does any ordinary item or activity or person can become an idol to you if you cherish it more than God.

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With this definition in place, are you worshipping any idol?. For the sister that cannot go to church or drop Jewelries, Makeup, Worldly fashion despite the constant teachings, it means that those things have become idols. For the brother who cannot close his business for one day to serve God, your business may have become you idol. For those who will rather listen to family than God, your family may have becomes your idol. Are you a brother or sister that will not go to church because your favorite sport team is playing or you are in the church but thinking about the football match going on?. It has become your idol.
Nothing should displace God as number one in your life. Abraham did not spare his precious son when God asked him to sacrifice him. You also must not spare anything that the lord has required from you, be it your money, time, service.

As long as you are holding an idol in your heart, god will not be able to release you from captivity. Give up that idol and make God your number one priority and sit back and see his wonders play out in your life.

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