February 14, 2019

[Must read] Terrific Interview and Confession of former Church of Satan and Free Mason member.

Interview with Chimanee Wills who has a Face to face encounter wit Satan during the course of initiation into the Church of Satan International.

Illuminati and free mason

INTERVIEWER: We actually heard of your testimony on the 8th of November 2018. Then we thought that you had divulged all the necessary information that could offer useful guides to believers with regard to organization such as the church of Satan. However now, we come to realize that the information you provided was a tip of that iceberg and which has necessitated this interview. Please kindly give a brief introduction of your person and background.

CHAMINEE: I was born on the 5th of April, 1983 in the Eastern Volts Region of Ghana. I started my primary education at Royal international school and my secondary school at Achimota secondary school.

INTERVIEWER: Was there any special qualities you possessed and which could have made you likeable to people?

CHAMINEE: I  was a basket ball player in school and won most valuable player awards many times during games. In addition, I was engaged in quiz competitions for my school. While still in secondary education, in gained admission into Kwame Nkrumah University in Ghana to study ORACLE (a computer course) for six years. This that I was both in Secondary and university at the same time. After I graduated in 1998, I gained admission to study Oil and Gas Engineering at the University of Ghana. I ran this program until 2004 when I had the contact with The Church of Satan International.

INTERVIEWER: What actually led to the contact?

CHAMINEE: I was sponsoring myself while running this programs. It was not easy for me. I went to family members for help but none could help me. I owed a lot of fees in school and needed to offset them to enable me write my examinations and take care of other personal needs. I did not have the money. So, my initial target was to get the money and offset the fees. I have a friend in South Africa I contacted him through the internet and we began to chat. He was helping me little by little, but at that point of my desperation, he opted not to help me further. Rather he suggested it was time I started making my own money. He was a member of the church of Satan though I did not know. He died at the age of 48years; just four years after I joined. In his exact word he said “I am in a church that helps people. I will give you the name of the church and you go there. Whatever you need they will help you”. Meanwhile, he promised to contact them before I would get there. So, I traced the address he gave me and got there only to see the inscription, “THE CHURCH OF SATAN INTERNATIONAL”.

INTERVIEWER: it was obvious you were surprised to see such an inscription boldly written on a sign post. What was your reaction?

CHAMINEE: initially I was surprise that a church could be ascribed to Satan though I did not know much about God. I know about the reality and the existence of God and that churches are usually associated with God. However, to see a church ascribed to Satan was a novel to me. Actually I was not afraid. I only looked round the whole environment of the church and it was beautiful. I was watching when a young man walked up to me and asked if I was the one that came newly. I nodded. Then he told me that the master wants to see me.

INTERVIEWER: And you went with him?

CHAMINEE: yes I did.

INTERVIEWER: What was the setting like?

CHAMINEE: The chairs were like golden chairs. There is a gown on each chairs which every member who comes in must change into before sitting on those Golden chairs. There are four chairs on the pulpit – two on either side. The four chairs represent the four cardinal points of the universe. Before the commencement of service, a trumpet is usually blown heralding the commencement of the day’s activities. The man who acts as the pastor in charge is known as the “Worthy master.” The name is derived from the powers conferred upon him by the reason of the jurisdiction he controls. In Ghana alone, they have four branches which can be found in Kumasi, Cape Coast, Takarodi and Accra which is the head quarters. The “Worthy master” has seven men working with him who always dress on red flowing gowns. They represent beast which were sent to the seven continents of the world. Every branch of the church of Satan has this seven beast and four ladies. The four ladies attached to him represent the four angels of Jezebel. The are responsible for causing fornication, adultery, masturbation and homosexuality. It is difficult to say how many are members, but we sit in twos.

INTERVIEWER: Why that kind of sitting arrangement?

CHAMINEE: Sitting in twos represent the two sides of Lucifer. The church has elders who by the name “Primates.” They take care of the entire church, and counsel new converts. Whatever they cannot handle, they refer to the worthy grand master. The primates have different gift attached to them, such as the gift of vision, dream interpretation, reading the thoughts in person’s heart and so on. However they do not prophesy.

INTERVIEWER: What happened when you came in? Did you just became a member or were there formalities?

CHAMINEE: The very day come in, you are briefed about the rules. They will tell they are holy and so, do not fornicate and that there is an angel that deals with people that disobeys the rule. They told me all the things I had to abstain from before my initiation which includes I must be pure to meet the worthy grand master in California.

INTERVIEWER: What about the financial needs that made you go to that place in the first instance?

CHAMINEE: After they had given me the rules, they encourage me to endeavor to keep them. Then, they asked me how much I owe which I told them. They gave me the money; almost four thousand dollars. Same time I was asked to go to the embassy where I would meet a lady.

INTERVIEWER: Why were sent to the embassy?

CHAMINEE: Since the initiation was to be done outside of Ghana – California to be precise. I had to go to the embassy for a Visa. So, I went home and picked up my passport and headed to the embassy.  When I got there, I was surprise that the lady was already expecting me. She collected my pass[pot and in two hours, she returned back with my Visa. I went to the church by 6am on a Friday and left around 10am and was issued with a visa same day.

INTERVIEWER: When did you eventually travel?

CHAMINEE: One week later, I travelled to California. I had never been to California before and sensing that this could be a source of concern, they assured me that someone would be waiting for me and I was taken straight to the Grand Lodge which is the headquarters of all the lodges worldwide as they are referred to. They grand lodge is very big place. There, people from different places in the world were already waiting. Then, one lady and a young man strolled in. I was the only one from West Africa.

INTERVIEWER: How where received? Were there any special ceremony?

CHAMINEE: I was welcomed and the trumpet blown and then everyone gathered. I and the two others that strolled in earlier gathered together with the rest. We were to go and rest before that whole initiation process would start.  There , someone volunteered to give me a house where I would dwell throughout the duration of my stay and another offered a car that would take me round wherever I would go. Then, in retired to rest.

INTERVIEWER: So, when did the initiation finally take place and what was it like?

CHAMINEE: the initiation was expected to commence two days later and I was expected to use the two days to familiarize myself with the environment. It was during this period that I enquired if I could record my initiation and the request was granted. They have cardinals whose responsibility it was to assist in any form. They were the ones assigned the responsibility of ensuring that my initiation was recorded and handed over to me.
Initiation usually starts from 1:00am and ends around 6am. The first process of initiation is to prepare a letter to the devil in which I was expected to make the desires of my heart known to me. In my letter, I declared my intention to meet him face to face. The letter was collected by the worthy grand master for onward transmission to the devil. Among the three of us that came the same time, I was the only one that wrote while the other two declined insisting that they do not want to see him.

INTERVIEWER: Why did you prefer to meet the devil face to face?

CHAMINEE: In my opinion, the only way to verify that he is the owner The church of satan international was to meet him face to face. I also thought that he was the owner of all material things of this world and so, meeting him face to face will ensure that I get them directly from source. In other words, I actually felt that meeting him face to face was the only way that my requests would be granted: More so, it would give me the confidence to believe that what we were into was no child’s play. More so, meeting him face to face will harden me spiritually.

INTERVIEWER: Go ahead and tell us the remaining processes of that memorable initiation.

CHAMINEE:  Before the commencement of the initiations, the primates were ordered to ring the bells and were called in one by one. The lady went in first. She climbed the altar and did some human sacrifices and came back.

INTERVIEWER: You told us that the lady went in and did some human sacrifice, what exactly are you referring to?

CHAMINEE: I meant that the lady sacrificed a baby. She did not come with the baby, rather the ‘church’ has a store-house where babies and virgin young girls are kept and on occasions like the initiations they are brought out for sacrifice. All that was required was to ask the lady or any other person involved to slash the throat of the baby or virgin girl with the satanic sword and drink the thereafter. In the case of the lady, she slashed the throat of the baby and drank the blood as was required and then made some incantations and returned back.

INTERVIEWER: In your own case what happened?

CHAMINEE:  I was taken into a dark chamber. It was so dark that I could not see anything. Moreover, the heat inside the chamber was several degree higher than normal room temperature. It was so hot. I and the other man that came with the lady entered through the same door and went through separate ways at a later point. Minutes later I heard him scream from his own part of his chamber. It was along scream and after that, his voice ceased. He did not survive that heat in the chamber and the trashing he received.

INTERVIEWER: How did you know that he died from the heat and thrashing he received?

CHAMINEE: like I earlier said, the temperature in that chamber was almost unbearable and of course, could cause someone to die. Such temperature added to the flogging of several strokes of the cane he received were undoubtedly the reasons he could not survive the initiation. I am saying so because I passed through the same process and knew that an inner desperation to succeed by all helped me to come out alive. In my own case, I was flogged 150 strokes of the cane by unseen hands. It was after It I came out that I was told that I took 150 strokes and then congratulated for taking that number of lashes on my back.

INTERVIEWER: It is amazing to learn that flogging was one of the processes you underwent in the course of your initiation. What reasons were advanced for this obvious show of cruelty?

CHAMINEE: According to what I was told, the 150 strokes of the cane were meant to take out poverty out of my life.

INTERVIEWER: How does it sound in the ears that 150 lashes on your bare back could help in removing poverty from your life?

CHAMINEE: At that point it did not matter to me how many lashes I was flogged so long as it was designed to make me rich and famous and possibly live long. In fact, I saw it as a sacrifice that I needed to make in order to achieve my objectives in life.
INTERVIEWER: After the thrashing, what followed?

CHAMINEE: I was asked to return back to my seat in the Grand lodge. When I sat down, the presiding worthy grand master asked me to open my satanic bible which I did. In the middle of the satanic bible was a sword which I was told to hold in the left hand and the bible in the right. He announced a page to be opened for incantations and recitations from the opened bible. He had a golden cup in his hand and placed his sword on top of the cup and made incantation from the bible on the sacrificial altar. Then I was asked to come forward again; this time with my sword which I was asked to give to the primate. I went to the altar with my hands at my back and bowed on my knees before the worthy grand master. It was at this point that he informed me that me that my letter had been given to Lucifer and I saluted him. He then brought a baby and handed over to me his own sword and asked me to strike the baby on the throat and put the golden cup under when the blood begins to gush out. I smote the baby and blood started coming out. Then I put the golden cup under and collected her blood and drank all of it.

INTERVIEWER: Did it stop at that?

CHAMINEE: At this point, the initiation was not yet complete. I was asked to give a virgin girl for sacrifice. I told them that I did not come with any. He said I should not worry because they already had one. I was wondering how come they had one already, but I did not make this thought known. It was a surprise. He told the primate to go to the store house and bring a virgin girl. The primate brought one and she was tied on the sacrificial altar with chains on her hand hands and legs while her head dangled. Thereafter, the worthy grand master lighted red and black candles from her shoulders down to her legs. Only the head was not rounded up with candles.

According to the worthy grand master, the idea of lightening up the place with candles was designed to bring me out of darkness and usher me into light. More so, it would make the sacrifice to be appreciated by Lucifer. He then placed a golden bowl at the head area of the virgin girl obviously to collect the blood. Then he took a certain black handkerchief and placed it upon her face and removed it. Immediately, the virgin girl passed out. The same sword I used to slash the throat of the baby was handed back to me. Like I did to the little baby, I smote the virgin girl on her throat and blood began to gush out into the golden bowl. The blood was to rush out four times before the golden bowl Is removed and remaining blood gushes out to the ground and flows to an unknown destination. Expectedly, I drank the blood of the virgin girl that had been collected in the golden bowl with none left. After that, I sat down and he made some incantations on the dead body.

INTERVIEWER: What a gory tale, was that the end of the initiation?

CHAMINEE: Not yet. After the incantation on the dead body, the worthy grand master moved to the salvation Altar from where he announced to the other members that I had been fully initiated and that all rights accruing to bona-fide members of the church of Satan international should be accorded to me. He also reminded me that it was time to meet with Lucifer, since I had earlier indicated a willingness to meet with him one on one. He referred to Lucifer as the father of all mankind and living souls. He then told everyone to bow their heads and I should stand up and come forward. He gave me a satanic bible and asked me to read a certain portion which I did. Before I knew it, I was in front of Lucifer.

INTERVIEWER: Did you see him face to face or look into his eyes? If you were asked to describe him, how would you say he looks?

CHAMINEE: I saw Lucifer face to face. He sat on a Golden seat and had a somewhat flame of fire in his eyes. He looked very handsome and quite intelligent. Around him were his fallen angels all worshipping him and the place was bright. People might be tempted to believe that he is ugly and has horns because of what he represents. That is not true. It is his angels of death that have horns.

INTERVIEWER: so, what transpired between both of you?

CHAMINEE: He asked me to sit down in a golden chair that was by his side. There were also many beautiful ladies that were walking up and own, but they were not permitted to speak. So, they did not speak to me. All were on white flowing gowns. He then told me that he received my letter.

INTERVIEWER: Did he speak with a human voice?

CHAMINEE: His voice echoed. It was not a normal human voice, but you would hear him speak , though it echoed like it is coming from distance. He asked me to make three wishes. I requested for riches, fame and long life. He approved of the first two requests and rejected the third though I did not bother to ask him why. He told me that whoever wants to live above fifty needed to do higher sacrifice. He did not disclose to me the nature of the higher sacrifice, but I knew it would bother on getting more human heads. He stood and walked towards me. Then, raised his hand and a sword appeared in his hand and he placed it on  my shoulder in an apparent show of ‘blessing’. He declared, “From today, you are my son. I am in you and you are in me. Go and do exploit for your father who has sent you to do his work”  immediately he finished speaking, heavy breeze arose which caused me to sleep off. Then I received powers and demons were assigned to work with me. After I woke up, he told me that my name was IVY RED, which means, son of Lucifer. He also said, “ I want you to meet your sister IVY BLUE (Daughter of Lucifer)”. As he said it, IVY BLUE appeared. She informed me that she was IVY BLUE and the one in charge of smaller kingdoms such as marine, witchcraft and occult kingdoms. Satan then said he was leaving both of us to rob minds on assignments to undertake. Before I knew it IVY BLUE and myself found ourselves in another environment. It was like a factory where they manufacture weave –on, attachments, jeans, ladies blouses, artificial finger nails, chains, earrings, bangles, pocket computers and flashy phones. She also informed me that her offspring were the ones responsible for evil dreams, sex in the dream, eating in the dream, incubus, succubus, Apollo and bella spirit.

INTERVIEWER: What were to be your own assignments?

CHAMINEE: IVY BLUE asked me if I understood my own assignments and I said no. she told me that I would he responsible for bareness, accidents and confusion between people. She also informed me that since I had been intimated with the task ahead, I could go back to the grand lodge because they were already waiting for me. She showed me the way. As I took two steps, I saw myself at the place of the initiation and they were clapping for me. Then the grand master announced that I had become the son of the sole spiritual head of the whole members bowed for me. Finally, I was given the satanic bible, the sword and the symbol which is a triangle with an eye. Then I was told to go out first before the other members; thus bringing the initiation to an end.

INTERVIEWER: What about the video recording of your initiation? Did they live up to their promise to deliver it up to you?

CHAMINEE: They gave me the video recording of my initiation except the part I went to meet with Satan. I got into my car and went to the house where I lodged. I spent about one month there and met another member who introduced me to a cult known as the SKULL and BONE and I joined the cult.

INTERVIEWER: Can you elaborate more on this latest cult. Is it in any way affiliated with The church of Satan?

CHAMINEE: Before one can be member of this dreaded cult, he must first become a member of the church of Satan. The cult ensures authority and voice commands for members. Before you can be initiated into SKULL and BONE, you must have to sleep in a coffin for seven days without eating or drinking anything. Lying in the coffin means a spiritual covenant of death and resurrection with the devil. That means, that you die with Lucifer and resurrect with him. What that means, is that if he is cast into hell at the close of age, you will also be loosed upon the world, you will also be loosed with him. In my own case, I slept in the coffin for seven days as was required and after that I lost my manhood. Out of four people that went to be initiated into that cult with me, I was the only survivor. When I came out, I was given a mark on the forehead.

INTERVIEWER: Which mark was that?

CHAMINEE: It was a spiritual mark which only those with extraordinary spiritual perception can see. It was called the mark of Africa which signify that I would be the one in charge of Africa spiritually that is controlling the spiritual realm in Africa.

INTERVIEWER: Your story so far has been very revealing and would obviously offer useful insights to believers concerning the deception of Satan. Is there any other thing you would want our reading audience to know concerning what we can refer to as your adventure in the enemy’s backyard?

CHAMINEE: There are still many other sides to my encounter with the devil. I went home that day and received a text message from another member of the Church of Satan inviting me for a meeting somewhere. Through this meeting, I was invited into the cult known as the FREE MASON. He told me about the cult and asked me to come for initiation the next day.

INTERVIEWER: Which area of operation does this cult specialize in?

CHAMINEE: The cult makes people to have fame. The initiation process involves knocking a sword ten, thrice each on the head, hands and under feet of new in-take. Then, they would cut off flesh from the shoulder region and put it inside a plate and take it to an inner chamber. They told me that the flesh represents the covenant between the cult and the in-take, while the knocking of the sword on the head, hands and under feet means that anywhere a person that has under gone such initiation goes he would attract fame. In my own case, I underwent the same processes described above and became a member.

INTERVIEWER: Having entered these cults, did you realize your objectives of becoming rich and famous?

CHAMINEE: Making for money for, me was just a matter of doing some incantations and the exact  amount of money that I needed would come. I spent about two months in California during which I called a member of the member of the Church of Satan that was a car dealer. I told him that I needed twenty three cars for my father to start a car shop in Ghana and he agreed. I got to his office days later and he gave me the documents of the cars and told me the shipment would commence shortly. I briefed my Dad and he was very happy.

INTERVIEWER: Did you pay for the twenty three cars?

CHAMINEE: The cars were paid for by the members. It was the money to clear the cars that I sent to my father. I gave him $50,000. My father was eager to see me. So, I told him that I would back in a month’s time. I also asked him to tell my mother to her so that she could open a wrapper shop. Then, I sent her for two plots of land and enough to build twenty lock-up shops where she would be selling different kinds of wrappers and clothes. I also sent in some money for my elder sister that worked in a bank to finance a trip to Holland. I gave her $150,000. Way back in Ghana, I met a Norwegian lady at the airport. That day, I had gone to welcome my brother that was coming from France. She looked somewhat stranded and I offered to help her. From there, we became friends. She knew my condition of poverty then and even used to help me. After her trip to Ghana, she moved over California and because I had her number, I called her up. I visited her home and when she saw me, she was surprised the way I looked and the confidence that I radiated because of my new found wealth and status. She decided that I had become so rich overnight and I tried to cover up by telling her that her that I had some contract works I was into and which gave me lots of cash. I stayed with her for two weeks and travelled back to Ghana.

INTERVIEWER: Your family must have been very happy to welcome you back especially as you had become so rich in a short space of time. What was their feeling?

CHAMINEE: When I returned home , my mother was not pleased with my sudden change, but my dad appeared carried away. My mother woke me up at midnight to find out how I became rich “overnight” as she called it. She informed me that she had a revelation in which it was shown to her that my money was a full of blood. For that reason, she told me that she was no longer going to accept the gift of the wrapper shop. It was my aunty that later took over the management of that shop.

INTERVIEWER: Were you making regular incantation to get money?

CHAMINEE: Of course, money was the major factor of joining the church and having been initiated and paid all dues, getting the money was all that remained.

CHIMANEE: Investments. I spent six months in Ghana and opened a fashion house called MELCOM FASHION HOUSE PLAZA. I opened a place where my father ran the car business and the wrapper shops that were meant for my mother. I paid off my younger ones school fees. The MELCOM FASHION HOUSE PLAZA was an eight story building where I manufactured t-shirts, suits, wrist watches, ties, sun shades, stockings, boxers’ shorts, singlet and long sleeve shirts. The company had about one hundred and fifty staffs including sixteen expatriate workers. All the suits produced in that plaza had inscription, “C.S.I.” (Church of Satan international) In fact, all my product have the “C.S.I” label. Already, I bought a house at Airport residential area worth around 40 million naira. I built a house in my village worth about sixty million naira and which contains a swimming pool and a zoo.

INTERVIEWER: What is the implication of the “C.S.I.” labels on your product or any other product for that matter?

CHAMINEE: It was some spiritual implications. So long as you have them, the mark of the beast is being systematically placed on you and demons would use that sign to identify and locate you spiritually or even physically and then enforce the ordinances of the 666.

INTERVIEWER: How do you identify a member of the church of satan or any other dreaded cult affiliated to it?

CHAMINEE: There are many satanic signs to identify a member. Satanic symbols are for greeting amongst members, for fame, ritual acts and for easy identification of fellow members. Includes the triangular symbol which is a general sign for exalting Satan. The sword is also a symbol of the church of satan. It is used for initiation of new members, slashing the throats of victims and for greeting between members when they come together. Whenever the members come together, they would raise their swords and cling them together.

INTERVIEWER: Bible is usually associated with the church of the true God, but here you are talking about another bible – the satanic bible. What is it all about?

CHAMINEE: The Satanic bible is a collection of spiritual books which contains about one million, two hundred pages. The content of the Satanic bible include the Christian Holy bible, the Quran, six and seven books of Moses, the book of Momoith and other mystical books. Each of these books has its functions which it performs. For example, the book of MOMOITH which is used for the act of performing signs and wonders. One of the richest end-time ‘churches’ in the world today makes use of this books. The six and seven books of Moses is used for enchantment and incantation and for assumed resurrection of the dead and invocation of the spirit of madness upon people perceived as enemies. Others not mentioned still have their functions.

INTERVIEWER: What of gathering all the idea these books in a single collection?

CHIMANEE: The idea obviously is to maximize whatever spiritual advantages that may accrue from the use of many spiritual books at a time. The Christian holy Bible can be used to counter the true teaching of God. That’s why the devil knows the bible very well he quotes from the bible as well.

INTERVIEWER: Finish your story on the investment you made with you ill gotten money.

CHIMANEE: After spending sometime in Ghana, I came to Nigeria to open another fashion house in Porthacourt. The decision has a spiritual underdstone since I needed to use it to get souls for the devil. I got six plot of land for between 50Miliion to 60Million Naira. I collected the documents and went to Abuja where I bought a house at Gawaro estate in Abuja for #38M. I stayed in Abuja for two weeks and went back to Portharcourt  where I built another fashion house within  two months. By the third month, I went into manufacturing with about 120 staffs. Through the fashion house, I was initiating friends and staffs. I had it as standing rule that whoever must work with me must be first of all be initiated in one way or the other. I was on top of the world – travelling all over the world. After six months in Africa, I had to go back to USA for my yearly sacrifice and stayed like for three months.

INTERVIEWER: Were you still expected to make sacrifices even after you had made an initial offer of a baby and a virgin girl?

CHIMANEE: The yearly sacrifice is compulsory to renew both the membership of the church of Satan and ensure Satan’s blessings. This yearly sacrifices involve sacrificing the private part of a virgin and four human heads. Of the four heads, two must be male and other two females.

INTERVIEWER: How did you get these human parts that you just mentioned? Did you go to hunt for human heads?

CHIMANEE: I did not need to go hunt for these items. All I needed do was to pay those whose stock-in-trade is to track down these victims and rip their bodies to get these items.

INTERVIEWER: Did you initiate anyone?

CHIMANEE: After I got back to Africa, I started to initiate ladies. Whoever I kissed must become barren. Sometimes they would see me in their dreams or committing fornication. Just looking at a particular direction or spot was enough to cause accident in which many people would die. After that I would turn back and go my way. If I am angry with anyone or with my friends, whatever I have in mind for them would happen to them would happen to them. I used to go to my sister IVY BLUE and she would give me cell phones and pocket, computers with which I initiated people. I was winning souls for Lucifer.

INTERVIEWER: From the accounts you have given so far, you appeared to have been a real weapon in the land of Satan. How did this relationship go sour?

CHIMANEE: During my younger brother’s birthday in Ghana, I bought him a range rover and decided to go and see him. I spent two months with my family and from there I went to South Africa. When I returned to Ghana, I decided to come back to Nigeria. Before the trip, my mother had prepared a meat-pie which she handed to me and I took it along. While in the flight, I ate that meat pie and immediately, realized that I had broken Satan’s rules. I cried because I knew it would spell troubles for me and even when I spoke to my mother, I told her that all I had worked for had gone down the drain. Expectedly, before I could get to my house in Abuja, Satan was there already waiting for me. He told me that I had only 49 days to live.

INTERVIEWER: How did you receive this piece of news?

CHIMANEE: I became frantic, I appealed to the devil to have mercy on me but he bluntly refused. I contacted the worthy grand master and got no help either. I connected some other influential members of the church and they could not help me. I began to go from one church to the other including white garment churches. Yet, I could not get any help. So, I resigned my self to fate. I was waiting for the day that death would come. Along the line, I met a Lord’s Chosen sister. She saw me in a sober mood and began to enquire what the problem was. When I explained my situation to her, she counseled  me to go to The lord’s chosen.

INTERVIEWER: Did you know about The lord’s chosen before this time? How did you react to the counsel of the sister?

CHIMANEE: Way back in Ghana, I used to hear about The lord’s chosen. Of a truth I hated The lord’s chosen with a perfect hatred. The church has these point become a place where I was being referred to. In the spirit realm, The lord’s chosen has a question mark attached to it.

INTERVIEWER: why is a question mark attached to The lord’s chosen?

CHIMANEE: The lord’s chosen is one of the two churches that Satan has no power to attack. THE QUESTION MARK IMLIES THAT Satan and his kingdom are yet to find a solution to the threat posed by the Lord’s chosen pastor. This is because the grace of God is upon the pastor. The pastor has also transferred this grace upon his pastors such that the devil cannot bring them down. If not, Te lord’s chosen would have become a boxing arena. The devil cannot stand against any decree made by the pastor of The lord’s chosen because of that grace of God. Only ten shouts of holy ghost fire are capable of destroying Satan’s offspring. This, he tries to avoid. More so, the pastor of The lord’s chosen preaches the truth and lives by example.

INTERVIEWER: How then did you come to The lord’s chosen?

CHIMANEE: thirty days before the expiration of the 49 days deadline, I encountered the Holy Spirit.
He whipped me severely on my legs and asked me to come to The lord’s chosen. Of course, I hated The lord’s and did not evener it is located. I remained adamant. I didn’t know go. So after the encounter with the holy spirit which I ignored, the next night the Holy spirit came again and whipped me the second time and still ordered me to go to The lord’s chosen. That was how I came the next day. Some ladies from Port-harcourt who saw me during my testimony marveled and asked “Are you not the owner of that fashion house in Portharcourt?” Today, the 49days had elapsed and I am still alive to the glory of God.

INTERVIEWER: In one word how would you describe your adventure in Satan’s enclave?

CHIMANEE: Vanity – Nothing more; nothing less. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. I had twenty eight million in one account, another sixteen million naira and third twelve million naira; nearly 500 thousand dollars in my house at Abuja, but today that money has disappeared. As I went to the bank, each of the accounts read six thousand naira and when I put the three accounts in perspective I realized that the six thousand naira in the three accounts represent 666 which is the mark of the anti-christ that is already here with us.

INTERVIEWER: Why did you make the assertion that anti-christ here already?

CHIMANEE: Of course, the anti Christ is already here with us. If you are careful, you will observe that during this year, there is unparallel  production of material things – fashion, assorted forms of flashy phones, pocket computers and many other material things that make people to be more conscious of themselves than any other thing. If you can calculate the strands of artificial hair, it is usually six thousand six hundred and sixty six. The artificial finger nails have layers and the whole set is equivalent to the mark of the beast. The bangles are manufactured from Jezebel and anyone who wears them is bounded in fornication and Adultery or masturbation and homosexuality and other evil habits that center on sexual immorality. Jezebel has her own bangles. The manufacturers symbolize their own bangles with those of jezebel and place curse upon them is liable to manipulation by the spirits of Adultery and fornication. Eye lashes has seven strings representing seven heads of the beast. When it is weaved on a lady, a spiritual veil Is cast upon her so that she cannot see the good things that God has done for her or reserved for her. She will also be blinded to any spiritual gifts of God in her life. She will also be blinded to any spiritual gifts of God in her life. One can also be initiated into the anti-christ through cars, cell phones, and computers and so on.

INTERVIEWER: Are you saying that using car for example is bad?

CHIMANEE: Not at all. Using them as instruments of initiation is an unintended function. However, before using these items when they are procured, you should endeavour to dedicate them to God through prayers and cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ. For those that chat on the internet, it is possible to chat with somebody who died years ago without knowing it. Someone was chating a person who died 1928 without knowing it. There is a cult in India known as the SECRET OF VAMPIRES  which manipulate dead persons to be reincarnated and come to chat with people on the internet. Whoever chats with them has aspell cast upon him.

INTERVIEWER: Stories are rife that even some so-called ‘men’ of God  are involved in some of these nefarious activities. Using your experience as a former member of the church of Satan  International, can you substantiate these claims?

CHIMANEE: Some of the so-called ‘men’ of God serve the reincarnated Christ and not the original Jesus Christ. Satan tries to duplicate whatever God does or stands for. That is why everything that God has created, Satan tries to replicate just to deceive the people. The reincarnated Christ is the Christ that Lucifer manipulated another spirit being into. The reincarnated Christ was also crucified on the cross like the original Christ was.

INTERVIEWER: From your observation of Satan from close quarters, what do you think inspires him to adopt every measure that would help me deceive him and capture his soul?

CHIMANEE: He knows that if he comes as Satan, people will not follow him. No wonder, he manifests himself as an angel  of light. That is why his miracles don’t last. They are fake. If he resurrects a person, the person can only live for a limited number of hours or days and finally dies. Even for the moment he lives, his five senses perception will not be complete. The person will lack one or two senses, his five senses of perception will not be complete. Satan does this by manipulation through the Zumbi spirit. That is why in some fake churches, the miracles do not last. Somebody can be healed of Malaria parasite in exchange for Typhoid fever. A person can be healed of diabetes and he develops hepatitis. What he does is elimination by substitution. Lucifer does not get tired of any soul that is lost to Jesus Christ. He will continue to follow the person around with the rope of pulling him down and making him lose his salvation.

INTERVIEWER: Where does Satan reside?

CHIMANEE: There is a place in the second heaven where planes do not get to. When he was cast down from heaven with his angels, he created his own kingdom where his angels and demons control. That is where all the demons control. That is where all the demons assemble for altar call. When they want to attack the second heaven such that prayers do not pass through or even when answers are given, they are hardly allowed to get to the owners.

INTERVIEWER: Who is the father of Satanism?

CHIMANEE: The father of Satanism was Joseph Farak. He was declared dead in 1928, but he is still alive today. He is in Boulevard where he dwells spiritually. He was the one that introduced the spirits of Zumbi and Guru. This is also contained in the satanic bible. He also met satan one on one who called him and asked how he can win souls for his kingdom. Joseph told him that the best way was to open a church and which gave birth to the Church of satan International. Under Satanism, some cults worship the lamb. They chop off the head of a lamb and begin to worship it. However, this lamb is not of God. The idea is to bastardize and make mockery of original lamb of God.

INTERVIEWER: Having under gone what can be rightly described as a traumatic experience in the hands of the devil, what is your advice to Christian believers and to young people like you?

CHAMINEE: From the above information that I have proffered, we can understand the deceptive tendencies of Satan. We can see that he is not real. He has nothing good to offer anyone. We can also understand some of his hidden secrets and tactics. Perhaps, some of the submissions of John in the book of Revelation would provide more insight into the activities of God’s arch enemy. The question now is, “How do we contain the excesses of this arch enemy of God who delights in leading man -  the apple of God’s  Yes astray?”
Every Christian should be prayerful. You must Endeavour to be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of God which the devil cannot stand. The truth remains that Lucifer does not get tired of pursuing any soul that had been lost to the kingdom of God. So, he works relentlessly to ensure that he recovers such person(s) into his fold.
Parents should be careful about the type of Television programs they allow their children to watch. It is worthy of note that some cartoon networks that even parents use their money for their children to watch are demonic and children are easily initiated into evil kingdoms through the watching of these cartoon programs.
For the youths, I repeat like I said earlier, that it is better that they cut their coats according to their sizes. They should not aim to live above their means as this would put them into serious temptations which might not be able to come out from. They should be on the watch-out for demon inscriptions on clothes they buy at the markets or shops. it is always better that they go on those less flashy fashion and phones that are not in vogue than going for the trendy ones that are manufactured in evil kingdoms and used to flood the markets.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you very much
CHIMANEE for the time you gave to us, this piece of information you have given to us will really help change the mind set of youths and parents.

Readers please don’t take this interview as a myth, it really happened, get hold of the advices and God will continue to guide us in Jesus name.

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