November 12, 2018

Young Lady Set To Dump Church After Being Cautioned By Deacon Over New Haircut (Photo)

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A Twitter user identified as Adeola Mary Slessor (@Adeola0503), has taken to the social networking platform to share a photo of her haircut which was rejected by an official of her church.
According to the young lady, a top deacon at her church who sighted her low cut hair, demanded that she wears a wig or use scarf to cover her hair.
She added that instead of abiding by such rules, she would rather find another church to attend.
She posted her photo and wrote: "Deacon in church saw my picture with the haircut and told me to wear wig or hat when coming to church.

Me: I’ll find another church that can accommodate my haircut! I am who I am, you can’t change me. Happy Sunday o jare."

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