November 23, 2018

Daddy freeze discloses evidences about Bishop David Oyedepo being a member of the Illuminati | See photos

Bishop David oyedepo

 Controversial Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze, is well known for his consistent criticisms of the doings of church leaders, is making some insinuations about Covenant University and the founder of the institution, Bishop David Oyedepo, being a member of the Illuminati. 

The leader and founder of the  Free The Sheeple movement shared a photo collage showing a number of powerful people posing with their hands steepled in the shape of a triangle. Bishop Oyedepo, Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, Steve Harvey, were all in the photo collage with the same hand gesture.

what is Illuminati
 However, Freeze made no direct accusations but made an insinuation, leaving it open for his followers to interpret as they wish. A number of followers interpreted it to mean that he’s accusing them of throwing up the Illuminati sign. But some pointed out to Freeze that the gesture could also be a pose to show confidence.

 He went on the share another photo showing the aerial view of Bishop Oyedepo’s school, Covenant University. The spot on which the institution stands was circled with a red marker to show the school designed in the form of the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism.

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