September 07, 2018

[Music] Paul Le Rocq - Duke in the midst

Download paul Le Rocq "Duke in the midst"
Download Paul le Rocq duke in the midst
Paul Le Rocq is at it again with this new track tagged "Duke in the midst".
I promise this gonna be on replay on your playlist.
These are his words about the song "Duke in the midst is a horror story and song about Death coming to find us when it ´s our time to part from this world and she is disguised as The Deadly Duke in the shadows and darkness all around. The initial idea began as horror poetry that eventually came out as a song after placing a melody behind its lyrics. It was one of my fist creations. Very pleased with the result. Currently working on an acoustic version of it and maybe translate it into Spanish in the near future ". 

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Lyrics "Duke in the midst"
Believe the unbelievable, the rain will dry your eyes
The best way to see when the air ´s getting tight
Feel there ´s no return from where I am this place begs for space
Walking down my hill I ´ll be fading away.

Pre Chorus:
Air ´s getting cold fire ´s turned to ice 
Death passes by like a duke in the midst in the run

No chance for saving my friend duke in the midst in the run
No chance for escaping again duke in the midst in the….
Breathing begging forsaken I ´m here….
By the duke In the midst in the run…..

Now think the unthinkable believe it  for a while
The nightmare will then appear with blood from your eyes
Breathing heavily beside you there ´s a shadow growing old
The smile on her face is the end of us all.

Pre Chorus:
Night ´s getting clearer day ´s getting dark
Death passes by like a duke in the midst in the run
Chorus repeats.

Solo & Final Chorus.

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