August 05, 2018

[Music] Paul Le Rocq - Plain and simple truth

Download and listen to Plain And Simple Truth by Paul Le Rocq.
Simple and plain truth
Paul Le Rocq is at it again, the guitarist and instrumentalist and contemporary artist has released another mind blowing song tagged Plain and simple truth, its just like telling you the plain and simple truth indeed.
Here is his word as he talk more about the song.
Song speaks about justice after finishing a" relationship. At first you might miss the person but with time everything is put into place and that ´s where this tracks starts: when the person sarcastically speaks to the one that left the building. 

This one was recorded in the US back in 2013 with a record producer in San Francisco. His name was Scott Mathews at Hit or Myth Productions, the name of his studio in the small town of Mil Valley. 

Download and listen Below:
Download Mp3

Song title: Plain and simple truth.
Artist: Paul LeRocq.

Verse 1.
Remember me, but not too much. Cry for me, yeah, you should cry a lot.
Revenge is not the way I work. Justice is what I stand for.
PreChorus 1: 
The consequence will be the numb of your senses, pay attention ´cause here it comes now.
Main Chorus:
Do you feel it´s allright the time I wasted? Do you even care if I can ´t pull this through?
If you think  I ´ll be back, better stop thinking ´cause I ´ll be dead to you, plain and simple truth.
Verse 2:
You ´ll cry for me while I ´m away, your company during the day.
Will turn into an empty space, fulfilled only with your disgrace.
PreChorus 2:
The consequence will frozen your tears so, pay attention ´cause here it comes now.
Main Chorus repeats.
Plain and simple truth will follow my own mind everyday, and the thoughts will not be wasted.
Keep the track where I stay. Don ´t you mind thinking about me for a second of your time.
Cause I ´ll be dead to you, plain and simple…
Last Main Chours.


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