April 03, 2018

Read Justin Bieber's Message on Easter Celebration

Justin bieber writes a message on the easter celebration.
Justin bieber christian life
 The newly repented hip hop singer gave an easter message on Sunday as he joins in the celebration. The gospel singer who lately last year gave his life to Christ as he said, praising and calling the name of Jesus, he also described how he God loves him even he never knew. Though in his appearance he has not really showed that repentance he is talking about. We noticed he is still getting more tattoos on his body, which God forbid in the bible (Lev 19:28)
Justin bieber tattoo
Justin bieber reading his bible
The hip hop artist was recently captured reading and meditating on the word of word, I guess this should be an evidence of his repentance rumour. You also see the tattoos all over his body.
 See what he said about easter below:
You can also read the Instagram post below:
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