March 25, 2018

"My Mum and I sold okpa for 10 years" - Frank Edward

Frank Edwards narrates how him and his mother sold "Okpa".
" The blessings of the lord, it naketh rich and he addeth no sorrow" Prov. 10:22.

Frank Edwards the rocktown studio CEO. has been proving the blessings of the lord through the testimonies of his life. He has been telling of how he got to where he is now, Frank Edward once disclosed how much he used to start Rocktown Studio, and also encouraged youth on how to wait upon God by using the little we have for useful thing or invest with with the little they have. God's time is the best, the level which you are now, does not finalize where your destiny is place. 

Frank Edwards has come up with another story of how him and his mum make, sale okpa for 10 years, that's what I call labor, nowadays people see that as suffering but a person who has a future sees that as waiting upon the lord with the little you have. The gospel artist further described how the food is made how it looks like and also encouraged other believers to be patience, and not to seek for wealth in a bad way.

Frank Edwards life story

 See what he said "You see this here it’s called okpa. My mum was making it and we were both selling it , this was my breakfast and dinner everyday... The process of making it was ridiculous.. my mom used fire wood and I was the one fanning the fire because kerosene was luxury.. So I had smoke entering my eyes 5 hours everyday for over 10 years except Sundays, my eyes were always Red until it became permanent then I started having eye problem cus I was always rubbing my eyes with dirty hands trying to clear the smoke.. Cus I didn’t understand why my vision was blurred ,, my mum had same issue too with her eyes,, regardless we still hit the road to sell , BUT GUESS WHAT THAT WAS WHEN I DEVELOPED A STRONG & NATURAL BUSINESS MINDSET, I KNEW A LOT ABOUT MONEY EARLY , I KNEW HOW TO CONVINCE PEOPLE TO BUY, I KNEW THAT SMOKE IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO STOP ME, I KNEW THE ONES THAT BUY ON CREDIT AND NEVER PAY SO I ONLY GO TO THEM WHEN THE MARKET IS SO BAD .. BECAUSE ITS BETTER TO SELL ON CREDIT THAN TO HAVE IT SPOIL.. WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH TODAY IS TRAINING , THOUGH IT MAY LOOK LIKE SUFFERING BUT ITS TRAINING , DONT LOOK FOR EASY WAY OUT , GO THROUGH IT AND COME OUT TOUGHER!!! though today I have permanent red eyes to the point when some ppl see me they ask “Do you smoke” I’m like God forbid!😀 sometimes it hurts , most times I laugh because I’m like. . “ IF ONLY YOU KNOW “ but how ever I am a happy man and I have enough pages in my book of testimony to encourage my children. GO THROUGH IT AND ADD PAGES TO YOUR TESTIMONY BOOK! BECAUSE YOUR BLESSING IS READY WAITING, YOU ARE ONLY BEING TRAINED TO HANDLE IT.

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