December 08, 2017

Why do people fail in life (Fear) | Must Read

Reasons why people fail in life


Many student have placed their destiny in reverse, and as they grow up their destiny is locked because of spirit of fear. You will find out that people did not have a sound mind, because they are down in the word of God. A person with a mind of God is always saying something with faith, not like that of a normal mind, people with this kind of mind always encounter failure and fear. There is no positivity in the mind of people with fear. The bible was not joking when it said "when there is casting down there is a lifting up. With this spirit of fear one cannot summon courage to do anything useful in life. 

It is very difficult for a man of fear to get to the height of greatness because success is full of risk and a man full of fear always see failure in anything he wants to do, one of the dangerous qualities of fear isbits calm nature, fear can exist in somebody for a very long time without the person knowing.. So faith frequency is a divine frequency for us to live on a faith frequency there are some habits that should be formed. With these habits, one can begin to live above fears.

will give you a story about me. Sometime early this year I had this contemplation in me whether to do something, that is to contest for a post in my department, Financial secretary precisely. During this period I really had this fear overwhelming me. How to meet people, tell my mates, campaign, and perform my manifesto, I was really searching all round for the grace to overcome this fear, so I can stand in front of crowd, confront them and tell them what I can do if I get to that position, it wasn't an easy but thank God for his life infinite grace. I prayed and asked God to help me embark on that task, all of a sudden that courage, boldness, that of Moses, Joshua, David, Samson came on me, which made me move out. Though some atom of fear were prevailing in me but I didn't let them in, in summary today after so many hindrances by the grace of God, I am the Financial secretary of my department.

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You see that's what the mind can do, if I had concurred to that spirit of fear, I wouldn't have achieved what I wanted, so I ask you to move out of that place you are, go and proclaim that which is yours, no matter any hindrances on the way, God almighty will see you through in Jesus name. When you work in faith you have this feeling that God is by your side. The reason why you see your self  as a failure, is because you have not made a move.

Causes of positive proclamation
People are afraid to face challenges, this days people want fast things with ease. They no longer have the mind set to wait on God, they are always in a hurry, so when things begins to become difficult they think life is becoming a failure and that is a serious problem. If God wants to provoke your faith, he will give you a task to test, but if Satan wants to give five someone of life, he do it in a way you will think all is fine, later it becomes hard for you. 

If you can make a change of mind to always have this spirit positive proclamation, always have the mind set that God is alive and will never forsake you. Resist from friends, with negative minds. Friends can always this negative mind set, the kind of friendship you make matters a lot, have friends that is always eager to make it in life and you see that, you always want to work with them. You cannot change until you change the kind of voice you listen to. 

Exo.16:2, And the whole congregation of  children of Israelite murmured against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness. If you Moses had listen to the murmuring of the children of Israelite he would have been discouraged, and fall in faith. You should have the mindset to fulfill result before time. We need to go back to the world of God. Another thing that makes you have this mind of fear is sin and bad relationship with God. Are you compromising your christian life in the name of being social, you will see that you have the mind of the devil which is fear, Christianity is not all being santumonous you also need to be perfect in life.

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