December 02, 2017

[Must Read] Self Discipline the path way to success (Key to a brighter future)

Key to a brighter future (Self discipline)
Text: Jer 35:1-19, Daniel 1:8, 1cor 9:24-27
Topic: Self discipline the path way to success.
Key to a brighter future
A path to a successful career, we all know is not an easy thing, it cones with trials, temptation etc. Anyone that is to pass through this path, being it youths, students, should know that the road is filled with trials, temptation. The rules building the race is objective not to fail, of course there is short cut, if you want to get it easy, that will make you to compromise, so children thus road Gud has made for us to patiently go is the right way for us. As we all desire to be great in life, some desire to be  a doctor, nurse, engineers etc. But it all determines on the way you pursue your dream through self discipline.

Points to consider: 
1. Self Discipline explained and reasons: If you look at self it means you. So self discipline is the ability to reject instant gratification in Favour of something better. Ability to take a deciaiont against that which is stressful, it is the ability to make your self work hard. If you have an "A" if you have that thing which you desire it requires you to have a discipline that even when no one is talking to you but you still know what to do. A person who don't have self discipline is like a person without without future. Let's talk to ourselves as students, if you look at the academic calendar, you will discover that there are distractions, as sexual friendship, Smoking, examination malpractice, stealing, parties/clubbing, cultism, but as a child of God who is sure of a bright future should be able to discipline him self not to endulge in such things. If you look at Daniel 1:8, Daniel didn't yield to the temptation that came his way no matter how rich the food is, him and his friends did not partake in that meal, but some days later the result showed that Daniel and his friends were healthier because, God came down and nourished the food.
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If you look at the world today, the internet has taken over the youth, every youth now have a smart phone, but it takes a disciplined person to vow that this internet, this works cup draws, won't defile me, self discipline in your life determines God seeing it will help you make it in life.

I am sure some schools might have started or finished exam, a self disciplined child won't start reading this night, a student desires to be the head, is going to read his book ahead of time, those who have such mind won't waste time in footlball matches, Manchester united, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, at a relevant time, though it is not bad, it just have to be self disciplined.

You might have the lowest CGPA due to mistakes made due to ignorance of self discipline, the path of success have been given to you all it just determined how hard you work to fix it. So be focused. I want to tell you as you put yourself to self discipline God will help you in Jesus name.

2. How to develop Self Discipline: Developing Self Discipline is a choice , but the end thereof is the result, 2Cor 12:9, the grace of God is sufficient unto you, if only you will ask God to help you to be self disciplined. Ask God grave to be submissive.

Rules for self discipline

  • Clear thinking 
  • Daily goal setting.
  • Daily time management
  • Courage
  • Excellent health pattern
  • Regular saving and investing
  • Hard work 
  • Continuous learning
  • Persistence

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