January 01, 2019

Exclusive interview with former agent of Isha-Shaki kingdom of darkness | Must read

Below are the excerpts of an interview with former agent of the Isha-shaki kingdom who was assignment to frustrate the children of God in a crusade, but who was over-powered by the indefatigable God. Read and be blessed.
Sis. Rebecca: My name is priye Rebecca Rasidatu. I am a Cameroonian though my father is from the north. I am eleven years old and I am in primary six.
INTERVIEWER: you manifested violently while the pastor was praying. What happened?
Sis Rebecca: I had been entangled in the activities of a kingdom for sometime now. I was a member of Isha-Shaka Kingdom.

INTERVIEWER: what does that mean. Or represent in the spiritual realm?
Sis. Rebecca: it means the gods that is greater than all.

INTERVIEWER: Are you not convinced that no god is greater than God, that he is the greatest and he alone is the mightier than all?
Sis. Rebecca: yes I can see that now.

INTERVIEWER: So, Rebecca where is this Isha-Shaka Kingdom?
Sis. Rebecca: The kingdom was located in the Atlantic Ocean before it was moved to Senegal Sea.

INTERVIEWER: How long have you been in this kingdom?
Sis. Rebecca: I was in primary five when I joined the kingdom

INTERVIEWER: What roles were you assigned to do in Isha-Shaki Kingdom?
Sis. Rebecca: my work there was to initiate people into the kingdom

INTERVIEWER: How did you do this?
Sis. Rebecca: I initiate them through the power of seduction that has been projected to me. When people set there eyes on me, they begin to like what they see and want to play naughty games with me not mindful of my age though they do not understand nor seem to know the powers working in me. So, I play along with them and from there I get them initiated into Isha-Shaki Kingdom.

INTERVIEWER: What do they see in you that make them come after you even at this age?
Sis. Rebecca: The kingdom makes this men to see me as a big girl. To them, to them I look matured but I still remain the little girl I am. To make this act of seduction strong in their spirit I make sure I go half naked as I walk along the streets of Cameroon.

INTERVIEWER: That means your assignment was to bring down mighty men both young and great and then initiate them? What do you do to them at that point?
Sis. Rebecca: when they are finally taken over by the evil spirit in me I will invite them over to my place assuring them convincingly that we need privacy. I would suggest we go over to my house for safety and to get acquainted with each passionately and they will concur. Finally as we move along I let them know my house is over the bank of the river and we need to cross over through to the other side. When we get into the midst of the river I command them to get drown and appear in the kingdom for proper initiation.

INTERVIEWER: How about the little boys of your age grade? How do you get them Initiated?
Sis. Rebecca: We usually play childish play with no idea they are in danger. After this I will invite them to come to the river for bath (swimming) when they do, from there they would be taken into the river by the queen.

INTERVIEWER: How many boys and grown-up men have succeeded in initiating into Isha-Shaki Kingdom?
Sis. Rebecca: I I have initiated over one thousand people from my count.

INTERVIEWER: After such achievement for the queen, has she been able to crown your efforts?
Sis Rebecca: Yes I was crowned the princess of Isha-Shaki Kingdom for bringing souls to be a part of our work as agents and I was given faithful agents to work under my command.

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever been sent to destroy any member of your family during your assignment?
Sis Rebecca: Yes, I had taken the life of my elder brother and aunt when I was a month old. I did this because I saw the brighter future that awaits them as great man and woman.

INTERVIEWER: Tell me how this happened
Sis. Rebecca: My mother took me to an hospital to get vaccine. So, while I was lying on the hospital bed I transported my spirit out of my body and travelled down to the house where my elder brother was staying. I griped his neck region firmly till he died, likewise my aunt.

INTERVIEWER: How did your family members react to this Omen?
Sis. Rebecca: They never knew or detected anything that may lead to their deaths.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean by that? Did you hide their bodies in the river?
Sis. Rebecca: (She kept silent for a while). No, I ate both of them.

INTERVIEWER: What? You ate the bodies of your family members?
Sis. Rebecca: Yes I did, Sir

INTERVIEWER: You told me that you only spent a year in that kingdom. How come you now say at your first month from a hospital you travelled out of your body to kill your brother and ate his body as little as you were and to finish the whole bodies alone?
Sis. Rebecca: That was the first time I saw myself committing such crime….but I cannot really say I understand where I got such power or ability to travel out of my body to another location

INTERVIEWER: What do you really think happened to you then?
Sis. Rebecca: I believe that was when I was initiated into the kingdom at the age of one month old.

INTERVIEWER: Are your parents aware that you were an agent of a kingdom?
Sis. Rebecca: Yes, my mother was aware. That is why she brought me here to this crusade but my intention were not the same as hers.

INTERVIEWER: Are you saying that you had a different plan for this Cameroon crusade?
Sis. Rebecca: My visit to this crusade was to initiate people into Isha-Shaki kingdom; secondly to frustrate the general overseer so that his prayers will not have any impact in the lives of people present. This will come pass after I have projected the arrow of seduction at him and congregation will not have interest at what is happening at the crusade ground. This would have begun yesterday but it never happened.

INTERVIEWER: Were you able to initiate anybody during the crusade?
Sis. Rebecca: No. I did not succeed in the two assignments. I was burned by the power of the holy ghost.

INTERVIEWER: Where or how exactly?
Sis. Rebecca: During the pastor’s prayers, I saw myself dipped in a thick fire that I could not control and it burned me physically and spiritually till I was delivered.

INTERVIEWER: I saw you tore your clothes and violently displayed all over the ground. What was the experience like?
Sis. Rebecca: It was painful….the fire went into my stomach and burned all the twenty pythons that worked with me.

INTERVIEWER: During this encounter of the Holy Ghost did the Queen come to your aid?
Sis. Rebecca: No, she did not come.

INTERVIEWER: Did you encounter any spiritual or physical encounter with the God?
Sis. Rebecca: Yes, amazingly.. I saw the Isha-Shaki Kingdom completely burned down by fire and the Queen was nowhere to be found while the kingdom was raised down by fire. All the agents in the kingdom including the ones I initiated were located by fire and I saw them manifesting the way he rest of the people in the crusade were manifesting. As these went on, the spirit of God set them free and all the demonic powers they possessed were destroyed. After the deliverance, I saw them in their right minds looking so shocked to find themselves in that realm. I witnessed each one going to meet his or her fellow to inquire perhaps if they could tell them how they found themselves in the conditions they were, but none could explain. All they wanted was to go out of that place to a familiar terrain. Suddenly, the spirit of God transported my spirit back into that kingdom and I drew their attention to the fact that they were in bondage in the kingdom of darkness and have been delivered by the grace God. So, they believed me and led them out of the kingdom of Isha-Shaki.

INTERVIEWER: Praise the Lord!!! During the instant testimony today you came out and thank God for delivering you from breath seizure as a result of the blocked arteries in your lungs and chest. Tell us more about it.
Sis Rebecca: Actually I came out today to join in the testifier but I was not able to do so.

INTERVIEWER: (Cuts in) Yes, you were seated amongst the testifiers without being interviewed.
Sis. Rebecca: I was there so that I could thank God for the deliverance. The blockage in my heart was a curse placed on me from the kingdom so that it will prevent my speech to be heard whenever I tried to say or confess my involvement in the kingdom of darkness or their activities.

INTERVIEWER: What would happen if you say a word about it?
Sis. Rebecca: I would be choked to death immediately but now it is different. I am happy.

INTERVIEWER: That is because God has power over them and none can do you any other thing you feel our reading audience would like to hear?
Sis. Rebecca: H-m-mm… (She remembers excitedly) Yes I want to reveal some demonic sign languages that we use to communicate in the kingdom to you.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Let us see them. (she uses her hand to demonstrate some of these evil hand signs)

Sis. Rebecca: During the deliverance time a ring disappeared from one of my fingers and appeared in the kingdom.

INTERVIEWER: What did the ring represent?
Sis. Rebecca: Usually whenever I was in danger the ring disappears to the kingdom to inform them that I was in danger and seek for help. But this time around, when the torment was too much on me and the rings goes to seek for help it never returned. At a church where my mummy previously took me to for deliverance, the ring went to the kingdom on its usual errand. Then the Queen and the agents came and tormented the man of God and delivered me from his hands but here The lord’s chosen, it was different.

INTERVIEWER: Now that you have been delivered and you have become a chosen, stay put and God will bless you.


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