October 11, 2017

Wow Frank Edwards Advice Youths of Today on how to spend | See

Gospel hints
Rocktown boss, Gospel singer, worshipper, Adviser, a role model, instrumentalist, lyrist, who recently encouraged a Secular musician who wants to join the gospel trend to come on with it, has again given a talk sense to the youths of today.

In his statement Frank Edward said people are not to spend money on irrelevant material things unless its being used for work, he made emphasis on the new Apple product iPhone x which is trending in the market. He said people save their money to get this product just because their friends are using, which is not suppose to so, if you really want to have it make sure you are using it for something useful and not to show off. With the sad look on his face he said, even people that are not really updated won't get it to make life useful for them yet they go on getting it just to own it to impress who?.

I think Frank really talked sense in this video.

Watch Video below:

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