September 07, 2017

[Must read] Urgent role of Christians in this decaying World

Many things are happening in the world today,  as the world keep on decaying everyday. The Bible in Matthew 5:13 says we the salt of the world, that is to say we are to show good example to the world. Also Matthew 24:3-8, 33, it has been said, when the disciples asked Jesus about his coming again or rapture, he didn't really tell them but disclosed the signs to end if the world, what are this signs? False doctrines, rumours of war, nations will rise against nations, famine see more in Matt 24:3-8. Having seen all this signs we will find out that they are already happening, the time is near. There are so many things happening in the world today to show that the world is coming to an end.  Now there are many churches than believers, unlike back then where there are more believers than churches.
With apparent situation at hand the world is in decaying condition, 2Pet 3:3,  2Tim 4:3. World has given themselves to many atrosity, theft, fornication, dupping, homosexual, lesbianism, drunkenness, etc,  2chronicles 15:1. There shall be hard times like famine, chronic poverty,  excessive lack,  troubles everywhere this are also signs of the last days, but those who honour God or seek him, he will not forsake them but give them the blessings for honouring him. The Lord who created the world has seen this end time in time past during the era of Paul and other Apostles. 

Our Role as  Christians
Why God said 24th are salt is to add taste to peoples life, you know what salt does to our food. Many people are out there looking for how to come out of their sin, actually the need you to add a taste, help to them. So as a salt whenever you loose your savour you have to change your ways so you can attract people that needs your taste. Here Christians role in this decaying world is to show a life that proves christlikeness, so the unbelievers can imitate them. Going out for evangelism is the major role of a Christian in this world, giving arms to the unbelievers that has lost hope in the economy financially or otherwise, creating events pertaining to God and his kingdom, Love a holy life, encourage the weary, Show love, meekness, gentleness, and seek the presence of God. So in summary live a life that will affect others positively, before we will be taken away by rapture.

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