September 07, 2017

[Must Read] Important Secrets of praying to get results

How to get quick answers after praying
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Follow the Rules To Get Results Praying   always   with   all   prayer   and supplication  in the Spirit.... —Ephesians 6:18 There  are  different  kinds  of  prayer,  just  as  there  are  different games  in  sports,  each  with  its  own  set  of  rules.  Rules  that  apply to  baseball  do  not  apply  to  football.  If  you  tried  to  use  the  same rules, you  would get confused. Similarly,  there  are  rules  or  spiritual  laws  that  govern  certain kinds  of  prayer,  but  do  not  apply  to  other  kinds  of  prayer.  We make  a  mistake  by  lumping  together  all  kinds  of  prayer,  because if  we  take  the  rules  that  govern  one  kind  of  prayer  and  try  to apply  them  to  another  kind  of  prayer,  we  won't  see  the  desired results. As we  look  in  God's  Word  to  discover  the  kind  of prayer  that gets  results,  notice  again  our  text,  Ephesians  6:18.  Moffatt's translation  reads,  "...  praying  ...  with  all  manner  of  prayer.  ..." Still  another  translation  says,  "Praying  with  all  kinds  of  prayer. ..." For  example,  some  people  think  every  prayer  should  end with the words, "If  it  be  Thy  will."  They  say  this  is  the  way  Jesus prayed.  But  Jesus  did  not  pray  this  way  every  time.  When  Jesus prayed  at  Lazarus'  tomb,  He  didn't  pray,  "If  it  be  Thy  will."  He said,  "...   Father,  I  thank  thee  that  thou  hast  heard  me"  (John 11:41).  He  then  commanded  Lazarus  to  come  forth,  and  Lazarus came  forth. This  prayer  was  one  to  change  circumstances.  When  you pray  to  receive  something  or  to  change  circumstances,  never pray  "if."  If  you  do,  you're  using  the  wrong  rule  and  it  won't work. The  only  kind  of  prayer  in  which  Jesus  included  an  "if"  was a   prayer  of  consecration  and  dedication.  In  the  Garden  of Gethsemane  He  prayed,  "Father,  if  thou  be  willing,  remove  this cup  from  me:  nevertheless  not  my  will,  but  thine,  be  done"  (Luke 22:42).   Jesus  wasn't  praying  to  change  something.  He  was praying  a  prayer  of  consecration  and  dedication.  And  in  this prayer,  we  should  put  an  "if"  because  we  want  to  be  ready  to  do what  Jesus wants  us  to do. When  it  comes  to  believing  God  for  something,  we  should not  pray,  "If  it  be  thy  will."  We  already  have  God's  promise  in His  Word.  It  is  His  will  that  our  needs  be  met.  We  read  in  Mark 11:24,  "What  things  soever  ye  desire,  when  ye  pray,  believe  that ye  receive  them,  and  ye  shall  have  them."  We  should  realize  it  is God's  will  that   all   our  needs  be  met—spiritual,  physical,  and material. Although  we  don't  live  under  the  Old  Covenant,  we  can better   understand   the   nature   of   God  by  studying   the  Old Testament.  There  we  find  that  God  promised  His  people  more than  spiritual  blessings.  He  also  promised  they  would  prosper financially  and  materially.  He  promised  He  would  take  sickness away  from  them,  and  the  number  of  their  days  He  would  fulfill (Exod. 23:25,26). In  Psalm  105:37  we  read  that  when  the  Israelites  were delivered  from  Egypt,  there  was  not  a  feeble  one  among  them— although  there were some  two  million people! God is interested in everything  that  touches  our  lives,  and  He has  made  provision  for  us.  He  promised  the  Old  Testament saints if they  would  keep  His commandments,  they  would eat  the good  of  the  land.  This  implies  we  are  to  prosper  materially.  The New  Testament  essentially  says  the  same  thing:  "Beloved,  I wish above  all  things  that  thou  mayest  prosper  and  be  in  health,  even as  thy  soul prospereth"  (3  John 2). Jesus  said  He  would  give  good  gifts  to  His  children  because He  is  concerned  about  us.  He  is  talking  about  the  desires  of  our hearts,  and  He  tells  us  how  to  get  them.  Let's  go  according  to  the rules!

The  Scripture  that  says,  'What  things  soever  ye  desire,  when ye  pray,  believe  that  ye  receive  them,  and  ye  shall  have  them" (Mark  11:24)  is  talking  about  the  prayer  of  faith.  This  primarily is  an  individual  situation.  It  pertains  to  your  desires.  It  is  you praying;  not  someone  else  praying  with  you.  It's  not  someone else  agreeing  with  you.  When  you  pray,  you  believe  that  you receive.  If  you'll  do  that,  you'll  have   "what  things  soever  ye desire."  You'll get results! I  can  make  this  work  for  myself,  but  I  can't  always  make  it work  for  you.  Your  will  is  involved.  One  person's  unbelief  can nullify  another  person's  prayer  of  faith.  Baby  Christians  usually can  be  carried  on  a  mature  Christian's  faith,  but  after  a  certain period of time  God  expects them  to develop their own prayer  life and  their  own  faith. I've  seen  this  demonstrated  many  times  during  my  years  in the  field  ministry.  In  those  church  meetings,  I  would  teach mainly  on  faith  and  healing.  Toward  the  end  of  the  meetings,  we would  allow  time  for  questions  and  answers.  One  question  asked repeatedly  was:  "Why  is  it  when  I  first  got  saved,  I  got  my healing  every  time  I  was  prayed  for,  but  now  I  don't  ever  get healed?" I   would  answer  by  saying  that  new  Christians  are  like babies.  No  one  is  born  a  full-grown  Christian.

God  wants  us  to grow  and  to  mature.  We  feel  pity  for  those  who  are  physically deformed  and  who  never  have  developed  fully.  We  ought  to have the same  compassion  for  those  who do  not grow  spiritually. When  you  were  first  saved,  you  were  a  baby.  Naturally,  the pastor   could  carry  you  on  his  faith.  There  were  Christians praying  for  you  who  would  carry  you,  and  their  faith  would work  for  you.  But  after  a  while,  God  knew  that  you  had  had  the opportunity  to  grow,  whether  you  grew  or  not. He  said, "It's  time to  put  that  big  baby  down  and  let  him  walk."  We  really  had  a  cry baby  on  our  hands  then.  A  lot  of  people  still  would  rather  be carried.

You  have  to  profess  and  believe  God  even  though  the  things you  desire  in  prayer  haven't  manifested  yet.  You  have  to  stand your  ground.  If  someone  questions  you,  say  you  believe  God heard  you.  Tell  them  you  don't  care  what  the  devil  says,  because you  believe  God  and His  Word. Then  you'll  see results!

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