October 13, 2017

[Must Read] Flee from this things (1gospel)

Flee from this things
1Tim 6:11, 1Cor 6:9, 1John 3:8
Everyone should understand there are things that can destroy our faith. It night be appealing to our flesh, Proverb 16:25.

Having viewed the portions of the bible above, we will come to understand there are things God requires us to stop. We must stop things he said we should stop, so that he will record us as his children. You can't be a christian and still be committing sin.

So through this message we shall outline the things which Gud wants us to flee from. (Like one of the messages my pastor, Lazarus mouka; he said "Mark them and avoid them")

Things God wants us to flee from. (1Cor. 6:9)

  1. Fornication
  2. Idolatry
  3. Adultery
  4. Effeminate
  5. Abusers of themselves with mankind (homosexual, lesbianism)
  6. Covetousness
  7. Theft Etc
There are many things we are to flee from. And if we refuse to flee we will land in hell fire. Rev. 21:8.
God dies not entertain evil, he hates evil 1peter 1:15-16, Hab. 1:13. If you look at it here you will see God has a purer eyes to look at sin, but if you live in holiness, Gud will live very well with you Isaiah 59:1.
God doesn't answer a sinner,  Heb. 12:14, here we also have to flee from malice, quarrel, so that we will also be at peace with God. Let us serve God in holiness and righteousness, so we will make heaven. 
Check this portions if the bible to know more things you should flee from.(Matt.5:21:22, 5:27-28, 5:33-37).

So in summary we need to search our self, so we will know the area, we are to flee from. I'd we have sinned we are to do restitution and repent. Doing restitution is hard but when done the shame will only last for 2months. So we must purge ourselves from every sin. 1Cor. 6:9-10. A Christian is not a sinner, a sinner is not a Christian, flee from all this things and live Godly, never be quick to get the things of this world.

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