July 19, 2023

Download Lazarus Mouka Message - Where is your Faith (MP4 Download)


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"Where's Your Faith?" - A Transformative Sermon:

In his sermon, Pastor Lazarus expounded on the importance of faith in one's spiritual journey. He emphasized that faith is not just a fleeting emotion but a firm belief in God's promises and a confident assurance in the unseen. Drawing from biblical examples like Abraham, Moses, and the apostles, he highlighted how these faithful individuals overcame incredible obstacles by trusting in God's faithfulness.

At The Lord's Chosen Church, messages are believed to be divinely inspired and carefully chosen by the Holy Spirit. Pastor Lazarus takes this responsibility seriously and considers it an honor to be the conduit through which these messages reach his congregation. With a humble heart, he dedicates time in prayer and meditation to ensure that he delivers God's word with sincerity and authenticity.

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