April 07, 2019

[Must read] Who Is a Bull husband?

A Bull Husband.

Bull husband

A bull husband is a hard husband. 
Very hard somebody! Hard hearted! Hard in spirit! Not broken! Not submissive! So stubborn! Not humble! So proud of himself over his wife! Life with a bull husband is a generally hard life! He is like a bull in the home! Ladies! Don't marry such husband!
A bull husband is unyielding! He is unbending! He is not correctable! He is not advicable! 

Highly arrogant and Lacks respect! Your suggestions to solving matters doesn't count before a bull husband! He will trash your plan just to establish his! He is non productive in the home! Can't render little assistance to you in the home. He looks to always dominate you in the home even when he is wrong!

A bull husband sees his wife as his number one enemy to contend with in the home! His home is like a military camp where he could drill anybody, his wife including his in-laws! He beats up his wife at the smallest provocation! He tears at anyone like a bull!  He is always ready to fight! You have no freedom of any kind with a bull husband! Life with him is frustration and most likely death! 

A bull husband sees his wife only as a sex machine! He becomes extra hard on the wife when it comes to sex matters but becomes feeble/lazy to other areas required for the family growth.
A bull husband is not a romantic type! No Romance! No Jokes! No fun! No laughing! Always serious! He is always too hard to get! He is not sociable! He could embarrass you in the public! He is not fun to be with! Highly boring! Highly aggressive!

A bull husband is not a goal achiever! He is not goal oriented! Not skillful! Not talented! Not wise enough! Acts stupidly and arrogantly! Ladies don't marry a man of such nature.....Because he would frustrate your life!
Sister! Marrying to a bull husband is one of the greatest mistake you could ever make because he will freeze you alive.

Beloveth, Marriage is enjoyable when with the right spouse, not with a bull-like husband!

Once you discover such bully nature in him from relationship, kindly don't marry him because they rarely change.

Seek enjoyment in your marriage! Go for peace and fulfilment!

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