January 10, 2019

[Must read] How To Know God's will for marriage

For  all the single men and ladies: Knowing who to marry.
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Today's article is God's answer to the singles heart cry to know God's will for marriage. I will be speaking more on that next week. This is just the first part in these series. I am trying hard not to be scholastic about it. I want you to have your own spiritual experience at the end of the day, and not just leave you "dogmatized". Today's article is a lengthy one, please accept my apologies in advance. It's very, very simple to know God's will for marriage. You don't have to be scared of love, relationship or marriage at all. God's got your back covered and this article will truly bless you. Believe me. 

Now let me show you how: To know God's will for marriage starts with an individual having a very close relationship with God and the ability to hear Him. Being a child of God, as good as it's, isn't enough. Growing in a personal relationship with Him and hearing Him when He speaks makes all the difference. God speaks to all of us DAILY. Unfortunately, only those with spiritual ears can hear whenever He is speaking. 

Another challenge encountered by many singles with respect to hearing God's voice is confusion. Some actually hear His voice, but are in doubt whether He is the One speaking to them. Some will say, "A voice told me to do this..." or "My heart told me to do this or that" or "My mind told me not to travel that day but I still did and I had a motor accident that day" Most times the voice you hear in your spirit man is God's. He is the one speaking to you, but you're not yet used to His voice. 

In Psalms 23, David referred to God as the Shepherd, consequently referring to himself as a sheep. A sheep is trained to know and hear the voice of his Shepherd. That's the only way to be led. Father God is our Shepherd and we His children are the sheep. 

In John 10:1-5 Jesus reiterated that same truth about hearing God's voice by using the example of the sheep. Other passages in the Bible show that God speaks to all. But you must listen and have the trained ears to hear from God in the first place. In 2002 haven rounded off my theological training in Benin City, Edo State, one thing I desired so much was the ability to hear God directly whenever He speaks. From biblical scriptures we are often advised to be spiritual and be in the Spirit because no one can truly hear God in the flesh, that is, when they're doing or saying things that are ungodly, unholy, immoral, distasteful or disgusting. No man can hear God that way. 

You can only hear God when a spiritual atmosphere has been created in your spirit man. So one night in the room where I slept I prayed and told God that I wanted to hear from Him directly henceforth, that I was tired of just reading the letters of the Bible without hearing His voice. Friends, it was really a burning desire in my heart. I slept that night as usual with my roommate and I told God to speak to me that night. Around 2.am or so a big but reassuring voice calling my name "Joshua!", "Joshua!" woke me up. At first I was confused, not knowing who actually spoke. I stood up and checked almost every other course mate, but noticed that nobody was awake by that time. Who then spoke to me? I didn't know and I returned to my room to continue sleeping. As soon as I climbed the bed, the same voice called my name again and said it was God. That was how for the first time in my life I started hearing God's voice directly. I have been enjoying that experience ever since. 

In 2009 when I first met the lady who is now my wife, I knew it from the first meeting because God spoke to me and I heard him clearly. So the issue of knowing God's will for my marriage was settled that very moment on the spot. I didn't have to pray anymore. I just waited for her to pray and hear from God too just as I did. Friends, in 2019 you must hear God regarding your love life henceforth. Please no more trial and error exercise with your love relationship. No more confusion regarding God's will for marriage. No more desperation because those who truly hear God are never desperate to marry.

Lastly, I must say that God's word, the Bible, is our primary source for knowing God's will for marriage. Our choice for a spouse shouldn't be in contradiction with the Bible. A child of God has no business dating or marrying an unbeliever. That's the first step into God's will for marriage. Please beware as not everyone who goes to church is truly saved or is a marriage material, OK? God speaks to us too through the still, little voice of the Spirit like I shared above. 
God also speaks to us through visions, dreams, trances, prophecies, signs and human agents (a believer in Christ, pastor, prophet, etc). 
Whichever way God speaks to you, please pay attention and listen. Heed to God's voice as that can save you from a lifetime of marital unhappiness, believe me. 

In conclusion, many singles, especially single ladies often pretend not to have heard from God regarding a marriage proposal from a brother because they think he doesn't have enough for now. Ladies, money is not only the criterion for choosing a spouse. You must be spiritual and must prayerfully choose. I will advise all the singles still searching to do like me: Live a godly life first; that's the starting point for a great personal relationship with God. Be spiritual and be in the Spirit often (remember you're not just a natural being. You're also a spiritual being see (Galatians 5:16). Desire to know God like never before. Desire earnestly in prayer to hear God's voice. Grow your relationship with God. Train yourself to hear God. When all these are achieved, like it was with me in 2009, knowing God's will for your marriage will be a very easy thing for you to do.
By Coach Joshua 
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