November 22, 2018

[Must read] Why won't God just destroy Satan.

 "God vs. Satan - if God is all-powerful, why does He not just kill Satan?"
Jesus vs Satan
One of the secrets of the Christian life is the reason God didn't wreck Satan promptly after Satan trespassed. We realize that God will one day overcome Satan by tossing him into the Lake of Fire where he will be tormented day and night always (Revelation 20:10), yet at times we ask why God has not wrecked Satan as of now. Maybe we will never know God's correct thinking, however we do know certain things about His tendency. 

To begin with, we realize God is totally sovereign over all creation, and this incorporates Satan. Unquestionably, Satan and his evil spirits wreak ruin on the planet, however they are just permitted a specific measure of opportunity. We likewise realize that God has arranged everything from the earliest starting point of time to the end. Nothing can impede His designs, and things are continuing precisely on calendar. "The LORD of hosts has sworn: 'As I have arranged, so will it be, and as I have purposed, so will it stand'" (Isaiah 14:24). 

Second, "we realize that everything cooperate for good to the individuals who love God, to the individuals who are called by His motivation" (Romans 8:28). Whatever God has gotten ready for Satan, that arrangement will be the most ideal one. God's ideal fierceness and equity will be fulfilled, and His ideal nobility will be celebrated. The individuals who cherish Him and who trust that His arrangement will be satisfied will be excited to be a piece of that arrangement and will applaud and extol Him as they see it unfurl. 

Third, we realize that to scrutinize God's arrangement and its planning is to address God Himself, His judgment, His character and His extremely nature. It isn't astute to scrutinize His entitlement to do precisely however he sees fit. The psalmist lets us know, "Concerning God, His way is impeccable" (Psalm 18:30). Whatever arrangement originates from the brain of the Almighty is the most ideal arrangement. The facts confirm that we can't hope to comprehend that mind superbly, as He reminds us, "'For my contemplations are not your musings, nor are your ways my ways,' says the LORD. 'For as the sky are higher than the earth, so are my routes higher than your ways and my musings than your considerations'" (Isaiah 55:8-9). All things considered, our duty to God is to obey Him, to confide in Him, and to submit to His will, regardless of whether we comprehend it or not. On account of His planning for Satan's destruction, it must be the most ideal arrangement since it is God's arrangement.

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  1. There are deeper mysteries that are not recorded in modern day version of the bible I think u do some research about the gospel of Judas and u will find some answers there.