October 19, 2018

[Video] Ty Bello - Dare to Believe (Spontaneous song)

Watch Ty Bello New Video "Dare to believe"
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Watch this inspirational and motivation spontaneous song by Nigerian Gospel artist, Photographer, Ty Bello tagged Dare to Believe ft George.

"DARE TO BELIEVE and speak life .. believing will always be a powerful option , and believe we will!!do you not know have you not heard ?.. it’s a new day for Nigeria .. why ..? Her sons and daughters have found their voices again.. they have began to bless the land .. Nigeria has always responded to the voice of her children.. we ‘put our mouth’ on her matter and dare to call her BLESSED again.. we know we have the power to draw her back to her true self .. We love our land .. and so we are not silent over her .. we change her course by changing our hearts and our minds .. doing our part .. each and every one secures her destiny !! These are not empty words but the call to action .. So gather round ! And speak LIFE.. we’ve asked many questions now we have been provoked to become the answer.. we know that life and death is in the power of the tongue .. so we speak right so we can do right and be right !! God is doing a new thing !! For sure ..

Watch Video Below:

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