October 12, 2018

[Must read] 10 facts about hell you have not been told

Facts about about hell fire, you don't know.

facts about hell fire
Within time past we have been hearing about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Also the true servants of God have been lamenting on the consequences face by two categories of people, that is the believers and unbelievers. So many controversies has taken place towards these matter, some say there is nothing like hell fire, Earth is Hell, will God allow his children burn in hell, who will go to hell, which sin will lead you to hell, etc.

Now I will be revealing to you some mysterious facts about hell fire you  have not been told.

10 facts about hell you have not been told
  • Nobody is in hell now: this is made evidence by the bible in 2Peter 2:9 “The lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.”  Hence it is now after the judgment that people will be punished, it is now after the judgment that people will be taken to heaven or hell; judgment determine or reward or punishment. And just incase you are imagining when God judgment will be executed Tim 4:1 gives  the answer. When you read the passage above the “quick” in the king James version means the living, so it will not be until the second coming of Jesus that everyone’s faith will be decided. Matthew 13:40-42 confirms this.

  • The idea that people go straight hell or heaven upon death is a misconception. It is stated in some churches but it is not very biblical. You may be thinking in that case what happens to someone when they die? Do they roam about the spirits waiting for God’s judgment? I will explain that in fact number two.

  • The dead sleep in the grave: the bible uses the world sleep to describe the state of the death numerous times, let’s take for example the death   of Lazarus in John 11:11-14. Jesus described Lazarus death as asleep, while the death sleep in the grave, they are unconscious of what is going on around them Ecclesiastes 9:5-6, 10 explains it very well.

The death have no feeling like love and hatred because they are unconscious in the grave, they will continues in this state until resurrection. And that takes us to fact number three.

  • There will be two resurrection: According to the bible, there would be a separate resurrection, for the righteous and for the wicked according to the bible John 5:28-29. The righteous will be raised in the resurrection of life and the wicked will be raised in the resurrection of damnation and these two resurrection are only one thousand years apart. Revelation 20:4-5 stated it. 
The statement the first resurrection is talking about the saints who reigned with Christ for a thousand tears, not the rest of the dead, that is the wicked. Because subject of the passage (Rev 20:4-5) is those who reigned with Christ in heaven and that part about the rest of the death is just throwing nearer to let you know when the wicked will be raised. The reason the wicked resurrected after the righteous have resurrected is for them to be punished.
  • Hell is not eternal: Contrary to the popular belief, hell will not burn forever, for Romans 6:23 tells us the wages for sin is death not burning in hell forever. The death its talking about is not the coming death we will all experience but the second death. Rev 21:8 mentions this. It is called the second death because it takes place after the wicked dead have been resurrected at the end of the millennium, in other words the wicked will experience death twice; they die like everyone else, they will raise to receive their punishment at the end of the millennium, then cast into the lake of fire and die again. Now to mention, Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins and is penalty for sins was burning in hell forever, why isn’t Jesus in hell fire, he should be burning eternity but no!, he died on the cross so we don’t have to experience the second death. This contrast is also illustrated in John 3:16; notice that it is says that we will not perish but have everlasting life, perish doesn’t mean burning in hell forever. 

According to Google; it actually means to die especially in violent or sudden way; and it does not end there , Psalm 37:20 says more about it. These is a reference of the burnt sacrifices of the old testament, they were Actually burnt to ashes; this compared to destruction of the wicked, because the wicked will be burnt to ashes in hellfire. And just incase you are thinking is that what that really mean? Malachi 4:13 will erase that from your mind.

  • Eternal hell fire turns people away from God: The thought of torturing of lives in hell fire have done damage to the progress of the gospel. Reason being that it misinterpret the character of God. The bible describes God as being loving, just, but how will it be that he will torture people forever . the punishment of the wicked is stated accordingly in Luke 12:47-48.

  • Satan will be burnt to Ashes: Not only the wicked who end up in hell will burn to ashes, Satan also will burn to ashes. Because he is the originator of sin. Talking of the punishment of Satan it is stated in Ezekiel 28:18. Hell fire is really intended for the devil, for the devil and his agents. Matthew 25:41 calls it everlasting fire made for the devil and his angels. God does not intend for anybody to burn in the lake of fire, it’s designed for the devil and his angels. God has made a way for escape for us all, and that is Jesus Christ, if we accept him as our lord and saviour and repent for our sins we will be saved.

  • Hell will be on Earth: Popular belief that hell is between the earth somewhere, the bible indicate that hell will is on the earth Revelation 20:7-10 talks more about it. While reading that am sure you noticed the part the bible said, the devil, his agents and the wicked will burn to ashes, you will say Mr. writer what are you incinerating? Wait, remember that English is not the original language of the bible, and the phrase for everywhere is translated from ahee-ohn (search) in Greek which means an age or period of time along with what we think as forever depending on the context. The fact that the will burn in hell fire, is until they are finally consumed and that won’t take for one day.

  • Hell doesn’t always refer to the Lake of Fire: The word hell in the Bible isn’t always in reference to the lake of fire, and this what confuse many people for example, 41 times in the old Testament is translated from the Hebrew word Sheol which means the grave, one example is Psalm 139:8. In the new testament hell is translated from three Greek words which are HADES, TARTARS, GEHENNA. Hades is a Greek equivalent of Sheol. – Read examples of each translation 

 Hades: Acts 2:27
 Gehenna : Means a place of             burning Mark 9:43
 Tartarus is a place of darkness       2Peter  2:4

  • Hell fire will cleanse the earth: Aside from being intended for the destruction of the wicked, the devil and his angels, the purpose of hell fire is to cleanse the earth from sins, after this God will create a new heaven and a new earth. 2Peter 3:10-13.

  • God takes no pleasures in destroying sinners: Though the Bible indicates that there will be lake of fire and that the sinners will be destroyed, this is not what God takes pleasure in. God said in Ezekiel 33:11, the death of sinners in hell fire is necessary for sinners who don’t repent from their sins, because it’s demanded by God’s justice. 

He is not out for revenge for those who have broken his law, he wants all of us to be spared that is why he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.
In summary “Nobody is burning in Hell now, all those who have died are asleep in the grave waiting for judgment, Hell fire will take place at the end of the millennium and all fallen angels and unrepeated sinners will be burnt to ashes in preparation for a new heaven and new earth which God will create.

This will happen because God’s justice for breaking the law, but God takes in pleasure for the death of the wicked, we all his children by creation, and he wants all of us to be saved that is why he sent his son to die for our sin, that is how far he loves us.
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