July 16, 2018

[Music] Paul LeRocq - Little Miss Sunshine

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Paul Le Rocq Aka Pablo is at it again as he releases another single tagged little Miss Sunshine, this is also a party hall song and sweet for the listeners. 
Here is the best caption for the song below;

" I decided to make something really fast regarding the lyrics and luckily it was possible, becoming this the most difficult song to sing live. And even inside the studio when it was recorded, as far as I can remember. Some mix in between punk, pop and soft rock was born under the name of " Little Miss Sunshine ", an abstract figure that came to my creation whenever I needed someone to pray to. Since for me, when it comes to believe, it doesn ´t matter your God´s name. Instead, what´s important is to follow righteousness and what ´s in your heart, hoping to be kind, gentle and helpful to your brothers in life ". 

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Little Miss Sunshine: Lyrics. B y Paul LeRocq.

1st. Verse:
Aloha, Miss. This what I must, must to do a little thing before I say goodbye
Although the path ain ´t getting and the clouds open up a storm below my tears
Might get drown and never leave, trapped inside this rollercoaster all I wanna do is scream
Deadline is here, I ´m getting dead don ´t know how to keep on talking if I cannot catch my breath.

While my mind looks up to the sky my eyes think about….

Little Miss Sunshine, oh, won´t you take me away? 
Little Miss Sunshine, oh, I ´ll be there by your prayer
When I ´m feeling low down and with no one around
Little Miss Sunshine, oh, come whatever you may.

2nd Verse:
My vision clouds my every deed and the foggy haze don ´t let the sun go down on me
It ´s getting cold inside my wounds and the healing ´s taking time while I wait over a dune

Pre Chorus 2:
While my arms reach out to the sky all I think about…

Chorus repeats.

Final Chorus.

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