June 13, 2018

[Music] Paul LeRocq - Hello LA

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Here is another song and its lyrics from the number one Argentine Rock music artist Paul LeRocq tagged Hello LA. Fans in Nigeria here who love his song has requested for another song of his after listening to the previous upload tagged Rock to the top, in other to satisfy and make his fans happy the songwriter,lyricist and guitarist has decided to drop this one.

The song is about achieving your goals in The City of Los Angeles, California. Where dreams come true, but only if you work hard. It ´s always for me more important to do than to dream or ask heaven for a miracle.  Enjoy as you listen.

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Hello LA – Paul LeRocq.

Verse 1:
Last night I couldn ´t sleep at all
happiness dreamin´by my side
Pre Chorus:
Flying away, leaving my homies
saving tears for future moments
time has not seen yet.

Hello LA, the city of Los Angeles
Will here I stay for the rest of my life?
Who knows, I pray that rock ´n roll will save my day
Today, tomorrow until the end of time.

Verse 2:
Sun is rising above my he –a-art
Drying up all the tears of joy…

Angels sing breaking the sience
Loud and clear, peacefully sighing
Time is now, not then.

Chorus repeats.

City of Los Angeles, city of Los Angeles, hear my voice, I ´m coming home
Again, hello, hello LA.

Final Chorus.

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