May 25, 2018

[Music] Paul Lerocq - Rock to the top

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Paul LeRocq Rock to the top
Here is a classic Rock song from popular Argentine musician Paul Le Rocq tagged Rock to the Top, the artist is a song writer, lyricist, instrumentalist, Actor, he has many other songs which got his fans wanna Rock to the top, as this song implies.
I bet you this song is more than "live it up" by Will Smith ft nicky jam the world cup anthem.

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Song Lyrics
Rock to the top – Paul LeRocq
Verse 1:
Started a day, not so long ago, when I first wrote down some notes
then came a line, after that a phrase, came up with some tunes could not erase
ringing on the phone, no one was at home, just me – myself & I
writing songs alone, waiting to get out, hoping make it big or just die
Pre Chorus
And while you hear what I got to say, don ´t be scared
it ´s the truth and that ´s the way….
To make it rock ( rock ) to the top , gonna be runnin` in and runnin `out the hurricane
Rock to the top, doin´ it day after day
Rock to the top, from here til the end, no matter what they say
it ´s gonna be hell over heels all over and all over again.
2nd Verse:
After the first part of the song I wrote you wonder what the hell I ´m onto
You know  it ´s just the way things happen in life, it ´s outta your control, and it does…
A lotta things 2 U, you may think you ´re screwed, remember who you once used to be?
Well, that guy you ´re no more, say your last goodbye to someone that you ´ll never gonna need.
And while you hear this song I hope you get
The message I ´m trying to send, and that ´s the way…
Chorus repeats.
Guitar Solo.
Final Chorus.

Below is his biography:
Singer and composer Pablo Sciepura a.k.a Paul LeRocq was born on march 11 th 1978 in Quilmes, city of “ Quilmes Rock Festival “.
He began his first steps in music being the left handed guitarrist in a highschool band, then he occasionally took classes but he managed to learn on his own practicing a lot. The same thing happened with piano. Click here to read more 

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