November 25, 2017

[Video] Watch TY Bello perform in this new video( saying more about her spiritual life)

TY bello performance
Gospel singer and worshipper TY bello has come to notify her fans some facts about her spiritual life.....

In this recent video she said........

TY BELLO , SINACH ,GEORGE and SPIRIT OF DAVID -POUR OUT ON US : WHY WE DANCE (PART 1) I remember years ago .. I had taken time out to press into God desperately for something .. I was all ready .. I went out and bought all the appropriate prayer books I could find ..I had a lot to say and didn't want to risk running out of words .. and so I began .. this very intense push on the door of heaven .. I was seeking God .. I wanted him to come through .. I wanted him to know I wasn't here to play . !! Crouched on the floor ..I grew louder and more intense ( knowing I couldn't intimidate Heaven with the volume of my voice.. but tried anyway ).. the prayer points were loaded too .. almost bomb-like .. with fire falling and big .. loud explosions.. I was like .. ehen!! I'm not joking today! My intent was to 'get God' to move with intensity .. to the desperation in my act of prayer .. but spiritually I knew I was falling flat .. so this 'prayer warrior 'just got more intense .. louder .. and FIERCER .. When I was almost exhausted I heard a quiet voice .. ' TY you're going to have to dance through this one' are screaming alright ..but your heart is not translating .. you're are doing it in the wrong VOICE .. DANCE !! THATS YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE ON THIS ONE.. So I did just that .. I moved out of my prayer room to a bigger space and just moved before Him .I didn't know what I was doing but I trusted my spirit's instinct .. every twirl .. leap and sway was sincere .. and heavy ..every movement I made spoke .. beyond the words of the music that played in the Background .. I was DANCING MY HEART OUT ... Then something happened .. I found my voice .. in the place of dancing.. my words .. not as loud as it was earlier .. became more precise . I knew what to say..I found new words that hit the spot .. and it was sooooo easy to pray !! It wasn't the struggle it was before .As I spoke .. every thing I was ..echoed the core of my heart.. my hands .. my legs .. my racing heartbeat .. it felt so... NATURAL( to be continued) #thursdaysession with @therealsinach !@biggorgy and S.O.Dfilmed by @taiwo_jassy and @adelodun_ #recorded by @showgearonline #mixed by @psalmjazzy
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