November 21, 2017

[Must Read] How you can be abandoned by your decisions

How you can be abandoned by your decision
For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure
Philippians 1:13 (KJV)

When we wish God’s direction for our lives, we must always get our wishes out of the manner in order that we will honestly say, “God, I’m willing to follow either manner — no matter what you would like is what i need.” With this act you have showed God that how is the only way maker, decision maker. Try to follow Gods instruction, having a quiet time after rendering your wishes to God, for him to speak to you.

Then we are saying, “God, facilitate Me to understand what you would like by giving me a desire which you want me to work towards, if I have a wrong desire please take it away from me so I may follow yours.” Some folks don’t wish to try to to that, as a result  they assume if they need one thing, then God should be against it. That’s not true. God will use our Spirit-controlled wishes to direct us. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight thy self also in the lord and he shall give thee the desires of thy heart (KJV). If you’re very making an attempt to try to do what’s right in God’s eyes, then your wishes are planning to be in line.

How does one apprehend after you have the proper desires? “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask from God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given. ” (James 1:5 NIV). You say, “Lord, provide Me the proper reasonably need to try to do the proper issue.”

When you’re facing a tough call, first, you confess your sins and acquire right with God. Then you commit the choice to the Lord and keep praying till you “get in neutral” regarding it. The third step is to raise God to reveal his can by providing you with a desire: “Lord, provide Me the will to try to do the proper issue.” Remember: “It is God who worketh in you to will and to do of his food pleasure” (Philippians 2:13 KJV).

How does one apprehend if the will is from God? One smart check is time. you'll tell if a need is from God by sitting thereon for a short while and praying, “God, if this need is from you, create it stronger. If this need isn't from you, please take it away.” It’s a legitimate request — simply raise God to try to to that for you!.
Hints in making a decision right for God
1. Don't make a selfish decision: your decision should not be self centered, try to make your decision in a way people will benefit from you, God is a generous God, he blesses you to bless others.

2. Make a righteous decision: Making a righteous decision facilitates the rate at which God responds to your wish. Sinful decisions are bad in the sight of God. Decisions like wanting to have women always around you, wanting wealth for the purpose of having too many material things.

3. Don't be materialistic: people who make material wishes end up not getting what they want. Because all they ask for is earthly things, worldly things, like cars, money, women, assets, which will distract you from serving God. It is not bad wishing all this, but where the problem comes is when you make it your almost desire. God is a jealous God he won't give things that will make you not to serve him the way he wants.

4. Make heaven your number wish: Heaven is the last bus stop, if you acquire all the earthly things and miss heaven you haven't accomplished any thing, so while making decisions, wishes make sure making heaven is your number one need, and work towards it. 

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