November 28, 2017

[Must Read] 38 important warning against Backsliding

Prov. 29:1 " he hat being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy." 
Hebrew 12:4-9; 15-17
When a danger is foreseen, warning I inevitable. Backsliding is a spiritual diseases and it is easier to prevent than to cure, so, early detection through warning is the best cure. Just like other normal diseases, if you fail to recognize the symptoms, then prevent it before it becomes worst it will now be difficult to cure. A vivid look into the book of Hebrew shows that it is a book of warning (Her. 4:1; 10:38; Heb. 12:14-15 etc)

Warning highlighted from this text
1. Lest any man fail of the grace of God 
2. Lest any rt of bitterness spring up trouble
3. Lest there be any fornication
4. Let there be a profane person as Esau.
What is backsliding?
1. When a person who is on the part of heaven slides back intobsin and reject God. - Zach. 7:11
2. Backsliding is turning back to the iniquities if the forefathers - Jer. 11:10
3. Backsliding is turning ones heart away from God - 1Kg. 11:9
4. Backsliding means forsaking God - Jer. 2:19
5. Backsliding. Rebellion against God - Joshua 22:16

What do we mean by warning? Ezekiel 33:5
1. Warning is precautionary statement
2. It is an admonition
3.  It is an opportunity for safety and prevention
4. It to s a piece of advice
5. To give notice of a danger
6. A sign of impending evil and possible harm
7. A sign post of future danger
8. It is a sign that indicates hazard ahead on the road that may not be readily apparent to a man.

Examples of those who rejected the warning against Backsliding
1. Esau - Heb. 12:17
2. Korah, Dathan & Abiram Num.16:1-2;30-33
3. Demas - 2Tim. 4:10
4. Lot's wife - Luke 17:32
5. Balaam - Num. 22:10-13
6. Ananias & Sapphira - Acts 5:1-10
7. Saul - 1Chron. 10:13-14; 1sam. 15:10-11
8. David - 1Sam. 11:1; PS. 22:1-2
9. Solomon - 1kgs. 11:3-4
10. Peter - Matt. 26:69-74 
Warning signs of Backsliding Life
Neglect of prayers or prayerlessness -              Phil.4:6; Matt.26:41
Quest for biblical truth PS. 119:9-12
Earnest thoughts about heaven ceases
Eye service
Unspiritual conversation -Matt. 12:35-           37
Critical spirit and finding fault
Unteachable spirit
Neglect of holiness - Heb.12:14
Worldly pleasure - 2Tim. 3:13
Bitterness, envy, jealousy
Doubt and unbelief
Shallowness and not grounded in God
Love of preant world - Luke 8:13
Neglect of christian gathering - Col. 3:13
Stubbornness of heart
Self confidence - Matt.26:33-35
Fellowship with bad people - 2cor.                   15:33
Sowing to the flesh - Gal 6:8
Lack of mumacy with Christ
Neglect of the first love
Grieving the holy spirit
Pride and haughty spirit
Lack of the fear of God
When God is silent
Religious bondage
Loss of interest in sanctification
Loss of interest in winning souls
Manifestation of carnality
Spiritual blindness
Self - indulgent spirit
A seared conscience
Gross immorality
Shunning spiritual authority (Leader)

Ungoverned temper 

Consequences of rejecting this warnings
1. Self condemnation
2. Living in bondage
3. Disgrace
4. Delusion
5. Loss of reputation
6. Disappointment,Anxiety and perplexity
7. Loss of peace - Is a. 57:21
8. Severe punishment -Heb. 6:4-6
9. Grievous errors and mistakes
10. Filled with his own way - Is a.1:12

What can we do?
o Repent
o Remember where and where you fell -           Rev. 2:5
o Submit your self to spiritual Authority
o Have regular quiet time
o Read and meditate on the word of God
o Do not quench the spirit 
o Do not forsake the company of the saint
o Pray against the spirit of backsliding
o Ask for sufficient grace

Conclusion: Despite this overwhelming warning in the scripture there are many backsliders (Preachers, workers, members) who will not yield to these warnings ( Her.3:10-11). And the final word of caution is , it is extremely impotlrtant that you take heed lest you fall.
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