September 14, 2017

[Must read]Do you want to experience God's power to live a supernatural life?

Son Power is all about God generating the power for your impact on eternity. As a believer in Christ, you have Son Power available to you.
You have access to this power for supernatural living through the Holy Spirit. As Christ takes up residence in a believer’s life, he becomes a conduit for the empowering of the Holy Spirit. This power flows freely when you live a life that is in harmony with his revealed will.

And because the Son’s power is eternal, it is this power that we vitally need to accomplish all that God has for us. We must avoid the mistake of trusting in our own limited power to accomplish God’s purposes and instead trust in the eternal power of the Holy Spirit.
Philippians 2:13 promises, “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”
When we allow Son Power to work in and through us, our lives, desires, and accomplishments will be transformed. Son Power affects our lives now and creates a lasting impact that stretches into eternity.
Find out how to live a Son-powered life.
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Just as the sun is the source of life for the earth, we find that Jesus is the source of our relationship with God. Just as the earth cannot recreate what the sun provides, we cannot recreate for ourselves salvation, eternal life, or the power we need to live our lives for God’s purposes. We need Jesus’ power in order to live in harmony with God’s will for our lives. Only Jesus’ divine power and precious promises enable us to tap into the supernatural power God offers us. As believers, our life is to revolve around the Son.
The Son-powered life enables us to not only experience the very nature of God now, accomplishing all that he desires for us here on earth, but also empowers us to look forward confidently to the rewards that we will experience in heaven.

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