September 19, 2017

[Must Read] Untold secrets of setting goals (gospel)

All thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths - Prov. 3:6, Prov.4:5-7; Prov. 24:14; James 1:5
Gospel hint
God wants you to be successful. He made you in his image, after his form and likeness,. Everything God made has tremendous value and that includes you. He has therefore planted in you the seed of success. God wants your success to serve as example of what his love and power can do in a person's life. He wants us to prosper and be successful.
In all these, God has his own part to play and you have your part to play. God expects us to make all the preparations that are necessary for us to be successful, for us to be victorious in our endeavors. It is for this reason we are looking at goal setting and wisdom for success
What is a goal?
1) A goal is an expectation set to obtain concrete and measurable results.
2) A goal is carrot that can keep you moving on track effectively and efficiently in your life pursuits.
3) A goal is a desired state of affairs of a person or a system.
Facts about goal setting
Goals are not absolutely necessary to motivate us, they are essential to really keep us alive.
The mist important thing about motivation is goal setting. You should always have a goal.
A dream written down with a date becomes a goal
Setting goal is the first step to entwining the invisible into the visible.
A goal without a plan is just a wish.
Steps to setting Goals
There is no building that is built without a plan. When you hire a contractor to build a house for you, the first question he will ask you is: "Where is the plan of the building?" A master builder must have a plan before he can effectively use his talents. Your own life is a direct parallel to a building.
o Prayerfully find out what is the will and plan of God for your life. Isiah 48:17
o Make a list if everything you want to accomplish in life.  This list should cover:
- Goals  about your spiritual life - Deu. 6:5
- Goals about your Financial life 3john 1-2
- Goals about your education an carrier life Prov. 18:15
- Goals about your recreational life,
Consider them carefully, are they realistic? Set a goal to achieve them, you can set a 20-year time line for a long term goal and now divide your goals in smaller short term goals that need to be achieved, if you are to achieve the long term goal. For each goal assign a date of accomplishment.
o Write down your goals
o By all means make sure your goals is high enough
o Use affirmative and positive statements in writing your goals Phil. 4:13
o Use the counsel of other qualified people when you set your goals and make your plans. Prov. 15:22
o Patience is a virtue, do not be impatient Heb.10:36

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