September 19, 2017

[Must Read] Powerful secrets of the tongue |See

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat fruit thereof. (Prov. 18:21), James 3:1-12

Gospel sermon

Power means ability capability to do something; it means control and influence: authority to act;capability and potential. The tongue is the fleshy organ inside the mouth. This movable organ is attached to the bottom of inside of the mouth of human being and most animals. The tongue is used for tasting, licking, swallowing and in human for speaking. The power of the tongue aims at exposing the power of speech in shaping the life and destiny of man.
characteristic's of the tongue
1. It is small but important -James 3:5
2. It cannot be tamed -James 3:6-8
3. It is the source of trouble- Prov. 21:24
4. It is the means of sin -Psalm 39:1
5. It is known by God - Psalm 139:4
6. It boasts of great things - James 3:5
Kinds of tongues
Backbiting tongue -Prov. 25:23
Tongue like as if fire - Acts 2:3
Deceitful tongue -Micah 6:12
Double tongued -1Tim 3:8
False tongue - Psalm 120:3
Flattering tongue - Prov.   6:24, Psalm 5:9
Lying tongue - Prov.  21:6
Muttering tongue - Isiah 59:3
Wise tongue - Prov. 15:2
Stammer tongue - Isiah 33:19
New tongue - Mark 16:17
Specific biblical on the use if the tongue:
i. Jesus recommends that believers be careful with the use of their tongues - Matt 12:37
ii. What you say is what you receive - Prov. 18:20
iii. If you want to live long, learn to control your tongue - Psalm 34:12-13
iv. Positive use if the tongue proves one to be wise - Prov. 15:2
v. Spiritually healthy tongue produces life - Prov. 15:4

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vi. Wrong usage of the tongue leads to trouble - Prov. 17:20
vii. Godly control of the tinge jeeps you away from trouble - Prov. 21:23
viii. A peaceful tongue neutralizes great anger - Prov. 25:15
ix. The law of kindness is in the tongue of the wise - Prov. 31:26
x. Holy decrees from your tongue will be performed by God - Job 22:23
Proper use of the tongue
Speaking the righteous of God - Psalm 35:28
Speaking wisdom - Psalm 37: 30
Speaking the word of God - Psalm 119:172
Singing praises to God - Psalm : 26:2
Showering kindness Psalm 31:26
Confessing Christ - Phil. 2:11
Deliberately decide to watch your tongue. Decide not to say just what you feel like saying, but to say what the holy spirit wants to say.

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